Friday, July 22, 2016

Fear Surrounding Food

Have you ever taken a look at how much fear you have surrounding food?

This has been a focus of my new program, which is completely different than anything I've ever done before-- I am hopeful that it will work. I don't want to share what it is until I'm completed with the program and can give a full opinion of it. It is costly, so I don't want anyone to spend money on it if I don't feel it works.

But really, I cannot believe how much fear surrounds my food choices and body image.

I am afraid of foods that I label as "bad".

I am afraid of having some foods in the house

I fear that I will be out of control.

I fear that I will always be overweight.

I am afraid I don't have enough will-power.

I am afraid others will judge me by what I'm eating.

I am afraid others will judge me by my size.

I am afraid others will judge me by what's in my grocery shopping cart.

I am afraid I will be too heavy to participate in some things.

I am afraid I won't fit.

I am afraid of being unattractive.

And this is just the beginning! I am living in a lot of fear, fear about things that most people probably don't even think about. This isn't normal, and I don't believe we have to live this way.

This is just food for thought (no pun intended)!

How does fear affect your food choices or body image?

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

You're invited!

I am hosting a launch party for my new Thirty-One Business! It runs today through tomorrow at 8:30 p.m.!

I'd love for you to check it out!

You can join the event on Facebook here. You can also shop direct by going to my website!

There are so many great products to take a look at. If you're interested in booking an online party with me, just let me know! My hostesses are earning lots of free products!


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