Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Penny Pinching Tip: Money Back on Groceries (including produce!)

Another app that I use to receive money back on my grocery purchases is Checkout 51. In this app, you request a check after you have earned back at least $20. So far, I have earned back $10 in about a month.

This app is definitely less complicated than many of those like it. New offers are added every Thursday and run for a week. There are definitely fewer offers than Ibotta, for example, but these offers can be redeemed at any store.

In this past week, I have used to the app to earn money back on tomatoes, granola, yogurt, bananas and blueberries—for a total of $2.25. It seems like this app always has offers for produce, so I make sure to take advantage of those!

You can actually take advantage of these offers without downloading the app by visiting www.checkout51.com. This app is also available in Canada.

Just another way to save!

Monday, September 15, 2014


Alright, confession to make here. I didn’t track this weekend.

It wasn’t intentional, but my new phone wouldn’t connect to the internet for me to track my points (hoping to get rid of this phone TONIGHT). So I tried, but ultimately gave up tracking. And I really didn’t watch my food intake like I should have.

So I don’t know how I actually did. There have been plenty of times that I thought I screwed up until I tracked my points and realized I was ok. My weight was up slightly this morning, but nothing major. I’m guessing it will be gone by tomorrow.

I was at my parent’s house with family and just enjoyed myself instead of worrying about every bite that went into my mouth. But I am back at it today.

Today is also the first day of a special WW program I am doing—so it was actually pretty good timing for me to have a weekend like that. Now it’s even more important that I keep it together!

And now a photo of baby girl from this weekend. Awwwwwwws can commence now.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Weigh in Day

I gained .2 today. Bummer. But that’s practically staying the same and while I know the goal is to lose weight, I assume that next week I will have a bigger loss. I hope!

Plus, as we know—slow and steady has always been my game in this weight loss thing.

I’ll give it another week at the same points goal and if I still don’t lose, I will take a closer look at my plan and reduce points if necessary.

I was kind of expecting another big loss on week 2, but I was already eating pretty healthy prior to starting and I think that does factor into things. The important thing is that I don’t throw in the towel but that I have faith in the plan.

One important thing is that I am FEELING smaller. Probably less bloated, etc. That’s a good feeling.

On another note, I got my free gift for joining WW.


I got a cook book, collapsible measuring cups, a microwave steamer, stickers with points on them, and a case type thing. I love the style of the case, too bad it says WW!! But I suppose that’s the point. Winking smile

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Day in the Life of Post (pictures)

I thought I would finally do a classic “day in the life of” post. I’d like to do this every once in a while!

My day started at 6:40 a.m. when I woke up. I love it when I wake up naturally instead of waking up to baby’s stirrings and cries. While it’s always tempting to go back to sleep, I know that I will be awoken by baby and then I’ll end up feeling tired. So it was up and at ‘em for me.

I had just enough time to pump before baby woke up. I get less and less it seems. I now get between 1.5 – 2 oz. per day. I want to continue until I don’t get anything though, because I want to do it for the antibodies. I looked it up and anything is better than nothing.


I didn’t know I was going to do this post yet—so I’m using a couple pics from the last time I was going to and never ended up getting it done!

And then it was in to get baby. In the morning, I give her meds, change her, feed her and then we sit in the chair and rock while she looks around. She loves to just look around. Nosy little baby. lol


After that, it was my turn to eat some breakfast. Every morning, baby enjoys her swing and talking to the little lady bugs while I eat breakfast. I bought that blanket at a garage sale. I washed it all up and she just loves it. She gets all excited when I put it on her.

91114 002

I ate oatmeal with blueberries and a glass of milk. And of course, I always drink a lot of water in the morning (and all day) and also take my vitamins and meds.

91114 008

Wouldn’t you know this was the one day that my oatmeal decided to overflow in the microwave. I microwave it the same amount every time. It must have something to do with the temperature in the house?

Baby was really enjoying her swing today, so I went ahead and made my coffee (with creamer) and sat down to read.

91114 009

By that time, she was starting to get fussy. So out of the swing and time for play!


I sat with her and then quickly washed some bottles and parts.

91114 010

Time for baby’s first nap. I had just enough time to get myself ready for the day and she was awake again. I just never know what her nap schedule will be like every day. She usually takes one long nap (and a couple more shorter ones) and that can either in the morning or afternoon. Totally random.

After eating, she likes to stare out the window while I burp her. She’s fascinated with trees.


And then it was my turn to eat some lunch. While I ate, baby was entertained in her Jumperoo.

91114 012

I had a spinach salad with leftover grilled chicken, blue cheese crumbles, tomatoes, and a drizzling of lite honey mustard.

91114 011

This was followed up by a Chobani Indulgent.

91114 013

I did some laundry, got my baby bag re-packed with essentials, and straightened up the kitchen.

Then it was time for tummy time. She did this until she started getting really fussy and it was time for another nap.


I was feeling hungry so I hate a Grahamfuls. I know, not a nutritious snack but it sure is tasty.

91114 014

But of course that didn’t fill me up, so I ate a plum and a WW cheese stick.

91114 015

I ate this while putting together a list of items to get that I could also get money back on from the various apps I use.

91114 016

The bottles were dry so it was time to make those up. Baby woke up, and her Dr’s office called me, but I was able to get everything done before she got fussy.

91114 017

So it was time to feed her again.

After that, I headed to a nearby town to pick up her prescription, do a little shopping, and run some errands.

First stop, Starbucks. I got a Skinny caramel macchiato and a cake pop. I was sooooo tired. This really did the trick and I perked up.


I got in the horrible habit of buying chocolate chip cookies at Starbucks (omw I love them) and I know they are very high in calories. So the cake pop was my transition to getting no treats at all…. or something. lol

I do want to mention that I ate more “sweets” than I normally would today. IDK what was up with me today—but this isn’t the norm, I promise!

I had luck shopping for the baby but not much luck for myself! I need some long sleeved shirts. Oh well.

And then it was time to feed the baby again. I fed her in the car and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Ignore my super serious face and crazy hair!


And then it was on to other errands. One of the stops was Wal-Mart—I hate, hate, hate that place. We have two stores in my area and one is HORRIBLE. It wasn’t even a week ago that I said I would never, ever go to that store location again—but it’s just more convenient than the other one.

UGH. The customers are rude and inconsiderate, the employees are rude and have no idea what they’re doing (including a cashier who didn’t know how to process a coupon so she just stood there instead of getting help—I ended up telling her I didn’t want the item anymore), and it’s just no fun!

And then the endless lines. And baby was getting fussy and the poor thing ran out of medicine due to an insurance and Dr. error so she was spitting up like CRAZY. I was putting things on the belt and dropped yogurt—I was flustered, sweaty and everything. lol But I made it out of there alive. Never, ever again, I tell ya… (until next time it’s more convenient to go there…). HA.

I headed home and started to feed baby. Hubby finished so I could get supper together.


I ate an egg white omelet (well…it was supposed to be an omelet but it kind of fell apart) with turkey and cheese, Ezekiel bread with PB and banana, and blueberries/strawberries. Delish!

91114 019

After that, hubby entertained the baby while I quickly entered my info into the apps for savings. So far, I got back 11.77 and am still waiting on one more app to come through. Pretty amazing savings, huh? And all things I would have bought anyways (except for one item that I think they ended up paying me to buy…).

And then I put baby to sleep for the night—and here I am! I was going to go for a walk tonight but the time got away from me. At least I did a lot of walking while shopping today.

And I have to wash bottles and make bottles so I can start all over again tomorrow. Not to mention the kitchen is a mess again. SIGH

I still have points left for the day—so I did pretty good.

Tomorrow is weigh in day—we will see!