Saturday, January 10, 2009

Being Healthy at Work

Work seems to be the worst place to try to be healthy. The break rooms are filled with machines featuring cookies, candy, ice cream, chips and other unhealthy snacks. Needless to say, these are the things that my co-workers constantly bring back to their desks to eat. I admit, once in a while I am one of those people too. Lately I have been keeping fruit and healthy snacks in my desk. I have clementines, grapes, cherry tomatoes, and other things that are easy to eat as a snack. I keep a 32 oz. bottle of water on my desk at all times to drink throughout the day. A lot of people have been noticing my healthy eating habits lately and it makes me feel good but also holds me accountable!! Yesterday I brought a single slice of homemade ham and pineapple pizza and a side salad with fat free Italian dressing with me for lunch. Two of my co-workers sat down to eat with me and commented on how healthy I am eating with my little side salad. One of them said that I am one of the most organized and determined people they know and they were really proud of me. While I don't feel like I am so organized and determined, it's nice to see that it at least appears that way and helps me stay accountable when I know that others are watching what I'm eating too! Every year in January, there is a company wide weight loss challenge. You can join teams of 3 and then an HR person has to weigh you every week. They never reveal weights, just percentages lost. I was thinking about joining, but I am not comfortable having someone at work weigh me. Maybe I'm stupid. I thought seriously about it, but the team I wanted to join was all filled up. The winners get $50 gift cards. Besides that, a lot of people are trying their best to be a lot healthier, so that helps me too. My aunt in another state is going to start WW, so we are going to keep in touch once a week to catch up on how our diets are going. It's kind of nice to have a network of people to encourage me, this blog included! I have to work out for the next 4 days straight to meet my workout goal because my schedule hasn't allowed me to workout since Wednesday as we had guests at our house. I have still not gotten to the store to get some flax seed oil. Maybe today!

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