Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Doctor's Appointment

First of all, my appointment was at 1:00 and I didn't even see the Dr. until 1:30, but what's new, right? So the nurse comes in and asks me what medications I'm on. I'm a little concerned because I have been to this Dr. twice before and given this information on the first appointment. I tell her that I'm on the blood pressure med, and she starts asking me questions about how many milligrams, what type of the certain med I'm on, etc. etc. I knew the name of it but not much more than that!! I was like, well the Dr. prescribed it to me, so.... (shouldn't they have that information!??!!?) They had this new computer system where they put all of the info on a laptop instead of writing it down, which is fine, but while she was putting in my birth control, which is called Yaz, she started asking me more questions like, "Is that Yasmine, Yaz 25, etc?" Well, first of all, as nurse I would hope you would know when I say Yaz, which one of those 2 a birth control... As a patient, I should not have to know the specifics about the medicine. I am not a pharmacist. I know the names, isn't that all I should have to know?

Then the Dr. comes in and does the same things. She had no clue what blood pressure med I was on, how often I took it, or anything.... and SHE PRESCRIBED IT TO ME!!! She ended up putting me on a new med, because it is a little higher than it should be when I'm on a medicine, but she said she's not worried about my BP, which made me feel better.

Next, she asked me if I exercise, I said, "Yes I do, and I've also lost 19.6 lbs. (as of the scale yesterday)." She just replied, "Well, you need to maintain and don't gain it back. Don't just exercise once in a while and then stop for a while." Well, yes, that's very true, but HELLO I just told her I lost almost 20 lbs, and there was no, "great job, keep up the good work!" Maybe I'm expecting too much. That type of attitude like she thinks I'm a lazy bum just bothers me. I really have to fight with myself not to get discouraged and give up. I know that looking at me, most people have no clue the hard work I have put into losing weight, to them, I still look overweight, lazy, etc. BUT my husband has been giving me pep talks that I am doing wonderful, I am so thankful for him!!!

She also said, "You need to learn to manage your stress." I am someone who is a bit of a perfectionist and I worry about EVERYTHING. She was like, "You're young and you can make changes." That's also true, but where do I begin? How do you change your personality? I really am interested in learning to control my stress and not be such a worry wart. For example, I can get a 92% A in a class and be disappointed because it wasn't a higher A, yes I admit I do have issues. But what's wrong with being an over achiever? :- P

Well, that's how my Dr. appointment went. I am concerned with the service I was given. I expect my Dr. to know what medicines they have prescribed me. What do you think? Time to fire the Dr?

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  1. Might not be a bad idea to "shop" around for a her Dr. That is crazy that she didn't even comment on your weight loss...that is so HUGE!!



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