Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Have Issues

I officially have issues. But at least I realize that I have issues. The first step in this journey is acceptance. I do really well with eating healthy all day until I get out of class or off of work at around 3:30. For example, I was so hungry today I grabbed a diet coke and a bag of combos at the office supply store and ended up eating the whole bag, equaling 21 points!!! I even looked at the calories before consuming and found every justification and reason why I should just let myself eat the whole bag. Good news is that I haven't used my weekly points yet, so I'm officially ok. The guilt, on the other hand, is a little hard to bear. So there's the problem.

On with the solution. I am obviously hungry, especially after class, so I need to have a healthy snack in my car for the 45 minute drive home. I need to have a container of grapes, or a banana, even an apple. Even a cup of popcorn would be better than snacking on junk food!! I could even keep a box of Fiber one bars in the trunk of the car (not up front because of the ability to eat more than one), and grab a bar before I leave.

On another note, I'm looking forward to tomorrow's weigh in. As long as my little stumble with the combo's didn't mess me up, I should have a really good loss tomorrow. It's nice to be making progress again and not just trying to lose weight that I gained back!

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  1. I have the same problem. I am the picture of perfection until the sun goes down... then it all goes downhill... it is like I am free of "issues" and completely normal! BAM! CRACK! Something goes wrong! So I feel you. I struggle with guilt every night and then start the process over again. The funny thing is that if I had screwed up during my perfection hours I would forgive myself and move on... I have to learn to apply it all day long.



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