Sunday, March 29, 2009


My husband and I would really like to get some bikes. I'm looking for a bike for comfort, so that my back doesn't hurt so bad I never want to ride it. It seems like the mountain bikes you have to bend over so far it looks painful! I don't remember the last time I rode a bike!! I found this one on the Wal-Mart website that looks comfy and for a good price:

Any recommendations on good bikes that aren't going to break the budget?

It snowed all day yesterday... so the ground is covered with a white blanket. :( I really thought spring was here!!


  1. i'm not too bike savvy. but i know that i rode my sister's bike while i was in FL and it was AWESOME...I think the brand was called GIANT and she said it was around 200-300. i think you would have to go to a local bike shop to get it. i hope to do that this spring. my bike is an $80 cheapy from Target that is no good.

  2. go to , there are more than a few ideas for womans bikes, both comfort and mountain. Also what to look for on a budget.

    C. Hopkins

  3. here's a link to one of my posts.




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