Monday, March 16, 2009

Keep on Tryin'

Today I have been on points. I have to tell myself that. I am just so hungry that I want to snack. I've had a wrap for 3 pts, and pretzels for 2 points. Not bad. I must stay out of the kitchen.

I have been reading through everyone's blogs and I have to say that it makes me feel better to see that other people are struggling too. I'm not the only one! Some people seem to just be able to say, "I'm going to diet." And they stick to it and lose everything and keep it off. I'm struggling. I know that certain foods have so much more nutritional value than others, but I'm just so hungry and don't want to eat fruit, which I know would fill me up! I don't want to be stagnant at 20 lbs. lost. I want to lose more! I want to look good in a swimsuit. I want so much more out of myself!

I need to be dedicated. Am I dedicated to this? That's something for me to think about. Am I dedicated to myself in the way that I am dedicated to my husband? I wouldn't possibly think of being unfaithful to him. I've promised to love him forever. Why don't I have the same kind of dedication to myself? I owe it to my body to be faithful and eat the kinds of foods that are good for my body. I owe it to myself to have some self-determination and a meet a goal that would make me healthier, make me look better, and most importantly, make me feel better. I have a relationship with food and I really need to take control of this relationship. No more drama!!

Ok, maybe I've gone too far. hehe.

I am dying to get outside and go for a walk. Here's the deal. I am still aching and hurting from the 30 day shred on Saturday. Yes, that must be how out of shape I am!! I am having a very difficult time doing stairs and walking uphill. I have never been in so much pain from exercise in my life. But you know what, it doesn't hurt so bad just to WALK. Maybe I'll do it anyways. How do you know when to stop!?

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  1. what a great way to think about that...being good to yourself & dedicating that you're going to do and comparing that to your marriage...great point!!



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