Friday, March 13, 2009

Proud of my Grocery Cart

I'm one of those people who feels guilty if I put something into my cart that's not really a healthy item. I guess I'm self conscious and think that people probably look at me like, "Well, no wonder she's so fat." Yes, that's pretty mean of myself.

But today as I was getting some groceries I had to be pretty proud of myself. My cart was loaded with fruits and veggies and not one item that wasn't a healthy choice. And what's funny is that if you look at other people's carts, they're loaded with all kinds of unhealthy foods. Skinny or not, they're bad choices.

So even though I might not be thin (yet) at least I'm making choices that are going to get me there.

I am slowly recovering from my overexposure to sugar and chocolate. I really think that is what is bringing me down. Each day, I eat a little less. I'm trying to keep myself out of the vending machine at work. Today, I had a dark chocolate dove bar for 4 points. It satisfied my craving for chocolate without going overboard with another choice of chocolate.

I am really excited for the weather to be getting nicer this next week. I enjoy walking outside. I'll be on spring break next week so I'll have a little extra time for some nice, long, relaxing walks.

I better get to cleaning the house! Who knew that you could earn AP's for cleaning!? It usually takes me about 15 minutes of continuous vacuuming and mopping, so that's something!

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  1. i've done that too...noticed what other people put in their carts! It's crazy to see what some people eat! Although I'm sure people think that about my cart too!! :)



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