Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Weigh in Day

I lost .4 this week. Not a great weigh in, but I didn't have a very good week either. Probably the worst so far since I started! BUT, I think I got more AP's this week than I ever did. I got 16 AP's. I'm hoping to beat even that next week, or at least meet that again. I think I can contribute my loss to my being extremely active yesterday. I had over 11,000 steps on my pedometer at bedtime.

Today has gone really well for me points wise and I feel great. I haven't given in to any cravings. I've eaten lots of fruits and veggies today too. No exercise today partly because I don't have time for it today and partly because I've exercised for the last 4 days in a row and I do need a rest day at least once a week.

I really want to keep this up and get the weight off! This kind of behaviour is what will get me there.

1 comment :

  1. Yes! I feel you! I love to stump the checker with a "produce code check"... where they stumped about half- way through because off all of the wonderful, various, and unusual veggies and fruit I throw on the belt. Ha! It makes me laugh!



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