Saturday, March 14, 2009

What am I doing?

Losing weight and getting healthy means a lot to me and yet I still get discouraged and eat things that I shouldn't. Yesterday went A LOT better than the last few days and I actually had some points left over, which I know I shouldn't do on a regular basis...actually...I NEVER do that, so I'm kind of proud of myself. :-P Yesterday was finally the day that all of my stress from school was over and I could relax. It's amazing how much better my choices were, despite coming home and having two girl scout cookies after going out with the in laws... see? Stress! :)

But SERIOUSLY! If this means so much to me, why am I giving in to bad habits? I need to WAKE UP and get serious about this! I have come a long ways, but I want to keep going. I have lost 20 lbs. since October, slowly but surely.

I thought it might be helpful to come up with a list of reasons why I want to lose weight to remind myself of how bad I want this:

1. I want to get healthy and obtain better eating habits so that when my husband and I decide to have kids, we can teach them healthy eating habits.
2. I like the extra confidence that I have in myself after seeing results.
3. I feel better about the choices I am making.
4. I want to lower my blood pressure.
5. I want to lose enough weight so that I can run for long distances without stopping and not be completely out of breath.
6. I want to be able to go up 3 flights of stairs like it's nothing.
7. I want to be able to shop at "regular" stores.
8. I don't like the way that I feel physically or emotionally after eating unhealthy.
9. I want to look good in a swim suit.
10. I don't want to be judged by my weight and not by my personality.

Ok, so there's 10 reasons, I'm sure I could think of even more! This weekend is supposed to be really nice so I want to get outside and go for some walks. I haven't exercised in over a week again. I didn't get any exercise at home last weekend and that just kind of messed me up. NO EXCUSES! IF I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT, I BETTER GET MOVING!

Here's to a fresh start!

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