Sunday, April 26, 2009

4-25-09- Rainy Saturday

It's a cold and rainy Saturday. I'm just happy it's not snow!

For breakfast I had an egg, 100 cal. English muffin, 1 slice ham, and 1/2 laughing cow cheese wedge. I also had 1/2 banana and 8 oz. Naked Juice Green Machine. 7.5 Pts.

I cleaned the house in the morning and did some laundry. Then for lunch I had 6 fish sticks, tartar sauce, frozen corn from the cob, and a raspberry swirl bar. The fish sticks were the ones I picked up at Sam's Club the other day. They are delicious and crunchy. 1 pt. per stick. 9 Pts. total for lunch.

After lunch we headed over to my husband's parents because we had a lot of boxes, etc. left over from when we built our garage that is kind of hard to send out in the trash. They had a fire going and we burned it all, they live in the country. We can't really do that here in town! When we came home I was a little hungry so I had 3 strawberries for a snack. 0 PTs.
We ate an early supper of homemade lasagna, green beans and a cheese bread stick. 9.5 PTS.
We grabbed a Schwann's cone from the freezer that we ate on our way to get some groceries for the week. 5 PTS.
Then we came home and rented Yes Man, and I ate Jolly Time Healthy Pop Kettle Corn and some diet pop. 1 pt.
Total Used: 32

Allowed: 33

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