Friday, April 3, 2009


My mom and I had a great time shopping in Des Moines today. The great news is that I am buying shirts that are 2 sizes smaller than I was before! :) I am now fitting in comfortably to a 1x and I was wearing a 3x. I'm still in plus sizes of course, but eventually I won't! My hips are larger, so I can't say how much I've shrunk there as I didn't buy any bottoms. I did try on a dress at Lane Bryant and it was a size 14, and it fit!!! There's something weird going on there though because I definitely don't wear a 14. But the fact that I got it on was pretty nice. :-P Someday I'll be there too! Actually, about a month ago I bought (and wear) a size 14/16 shirt. So who knows. My top is smaller than my bottom though. I got a few new things which will be nice!

Not so awesome, we went to O'Charley's for lunch. I had never been there before. Very delicious! I got soup, salad (with light dressing) and rolls. The rolls were so good I had 2 of them (6 pts total), the salad was 7 pts I think. BUT, it was unlimited everything and I ended up having 2 bowls of soup and that was like 20 points! I was starving. Now I'm still full! But, I had a fun day and tomorrow will go a lot better. At least I didn't get a burger, fries and a milk shake for lunch. :-P

I'm still coughing, but if the weather permits, I'm going to try to get outside to go for a walk tomorrow. I really need to increase my activity again since I've been sick. I hope it's nice, today is beautiful!!!

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

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