Friday, April 24, 2009

Food Reviews: Naked Juice and Sonic Wrap

I've been wanting to do this for a long time but have never gotten around to it. Every time I try a new food I'd like to do a short review of it. I love finding out about new products and yummy food from you guys so I'll try to do my part!

I tried the Naked Juice Green Machine:

This was delicious. Drinking Naked Juice makes me feel good. It's like I'm eating all of the nutritious foods that I'd rather not eat in lieu of cookies or candy. :-P The true mind of a dieter, huh? These juices are LOADED with fruits, and in this case some veggies. Click HERE to find out what is all in it.

The Green Machine blend had more of a smoothie consistency. This isn't something to drink if you're trying to quench your thirst. It's thick and delicious. The Apple flavor sticks out the most. The color is a little disgusting, but the taste makes up for it. 3 PTs. for a 1 cup serving, but that's 1 serving of fruit for the day as this is 100% juice.

I have been able to find Naked Juice at Sam's Club and Target. Target has smaller bottles and more flavor selections.

I'd give this 4 out of 5 Apples. (instead of stars because this is a weight loss blog hehe, yes, I'm a bit of a nerd)

Secondly, I tried the Sonic Grilled Chicken Wrap. I was amazed with this one. Absolutely delicious and no exceptions. It totals out to 8 pts.

The tortilla is soft but sturdy. This is a pretty safe "eat in the car" food. It's definitely not going to break through the tortilla. It may spill over the top as it is packed with grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and light ranch. This is a filling option and not too bad points wise for a lunch or supper.

I would give this 5 out of 5 Apples, no exceptions!

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  1. great reviews...someone else reviewed the naked juice today too!! might have to try it out!! too bad the sonic in my town just closed :(

    Oh and on your previous post I love when people add their other daily activites into their blog...their activities usually have something to do with their food choices and meals...its fun!! :) Oh and i love sams' strawberries too, never been disappointed with a batch I bought!



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