Monday, April 6, 2009

Having a Hard Time

I'm having a really hard time right now with this weight loss thing. I don't know if it's because I am back to eating normal after being sick or that I haven't been watching my points like I should be, especially this past weekend. It's probably a combination of both. I've gained weight and gained weight. For example, I have gained 7 lbs. since weigh in on Wednesday. I am so depressed and discouraged. What to do, what to do! Usually, I'll gain a couple of pounds and then lose a few and it makes up for it. I have never gained back this much weight yet! It's terrible! I need help. I need encouragement. I need to stop eating sweets. I'm so hungry all the time. Today has been a good day minus the fact that I decided I needed a package of nutter butters from the vending machine. I wanted them right after I had lunch and I told myself, wait until your next break and if you want them then, go ahead. Well, I still wanted them. They were 410 calories for the pack. Not so good!

I really want to meet my goals...I'm just having a really hard time right now!


  1. I know you have been taking steps to get healthy, but it seems that you are focused on all the negative things that are happening. Maybe it would be helpful to make a list of all the things you are doing right, vs what you are doing wrong?
    Don't forget that after illness your body will need time to reset, it you will get cravings just make sure you get back in the habit of moving more. Tonight I'm going back to aquasize after taking 2 weeks off, mostly due to Mr. Bones's illness...but also due to me wanting to stay home and be lazy.

    Thinking of you,

  2. HI... :) I follow your blog. I don't even know your name! But you're an inspiration to me none the less.

    Sometimes when I find myself eating a lot and it's out of control, it's because I'm upset at something inside. I find it helps to get to the bottom of what's bothering me. Usually if I talk to a friend about the deeper issues, kinda like venting. Once I vent and come to a more stable conclusion, I'm not upset and cookies are no longer a MUST HAVE.

    Perhaps there's so much discouragement that there's a sense of defeatedness within. Perhaps just the sheer annoyance at battling this alone is getting to you. Maybe the frustration is growing and one way to calm the anxiety and anger and botheredness is to eat (that's what I do).

    I'm a good listener. Would you like to email me?

    It could be something deeper that's eating at you (har har... i didn't realize I was making a pun until i wrote that.) and food is a coping mechanism, a type of self-medication. If you solve the deeper problem, perhaps the food cravings will calm down with it.

    If I'm totally off, trash what I said. But if I'm on and you need to vent, seriously, I'm a good listener. :)

    Much love and hugs sending it your way!!



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