Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Really Don't Know What I'm Doing

So today my mom came to visit. We met for lunch at IHop. I was thinking, I can make a good decision and eat something that isn't too high in points. I wasn't able to plan my meal before we went. So I ordered a bowl or soup and a BLT. I got home and figured my points and the sandwich alone is 15 points! I think the soup was probably 7! That's insane! So I have only a few points left for the day and we're having chinese tonight. I'll just use my weekly points and not eat the entire meal. I guess I am not ready to make healthy choices on my own!

I'm excited for my mom to be here! I have tomorrow off of work and we're planning a shopping trip! It'll be fun to see if I'm fitting into any smaller sizes! I know some of my clothes are starting to get too big, which is a good feeling!

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  1. yay! shopping :)

    I struggle with menu's too, I'm never sure what the best choice is, so if I know where we are going before hand I look up the menu if possible and decide at home what to have for example last nights dinner out at Earls I had the roast chicken and knew it would be 12 points. Check out this website: :where a woman has compiled the points for so many restaurants. The site is a bit cheesy but the info is good.



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