Friday, April 10, 2009

Ready to Move

The past couple of days I honestly have not had the TIME to exercise. Yes, I could probably wake up earlier than my everyday 5 am, but to tell you the truth, that wouldn't be good for my mental health. :-P I'd be pretty grumpy! I think that the lack of exercise might be the reason I'm having some struggles food wise and feel slightly depressed. The weather is finally going to get nicer out, starting today!!! A high of 55 today and 58 tomorrow. My husband and I both have the day off today. We plan on doing some spring cleaning. Most importantly, I plan on getting in a nice long walk outside today. I think it's just what I need to cheer myself up and get motivated. Also, my friend at work has 2 bikes she wants to get rid of, they're like new and she'll sell them to us for $100 a piece, so I think that's a pretty good deal. I think we'll go pick them up tomorrow if all works out well. There's another thing I can do for more exercise! I really wanted one of those cruiser bikes, but they're a little on the expensive side, so we'll start with these mountain bikes and see how we like biking first. :)

I have been loaded down with reading lately. I guess that's what I get for being an English major. I actually had to take the day off yesterday (my half work day) before school and I spent the entire time reading. I had a discussion with like 5 people and the professor for 1 hr 15 minutes so I really wanted to be prepared. I'm glad I got that reading done! Tonight I have a meeting with my advisor to talk about my classes or the Fall semester. It's hard to believe it's that time of year again! School will be over at the beginning of next month, so I'm almost there! I think I had blogged about having some struggles in one of my classes at the beginning of the semester. She remains a furiously strict grader, but I studied hard for the midterm and miraculously got an A! So hopefully I can keep that up!

Have a great weekend!

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