Saturday, May 9, 2009

Finally Friday!

For breakfast I had 2 Thomas Mini whole wheat bagels with peanut butter (only one pictured), a banana and 2 cups of milk for 12.5 points. I had a little more for breakfast because I was planning on a really light lunch…but…we’ll get to that later!

Eats 071

I have to say that I think a bigger breakfast like this might be beneficial to me because I didn’t even eat lunch until 1:00 and didn’t need any snacks in between. I ate breakfast at 5:15 am too! That’s pretty remarkable because I’m usually starving by about 9:00.

At 11:00, the boss asked me if I wanted to voluntarily go home, so of course I had to say yes! It’s such a beautiful day outside and I figured I’d need a little extra relaxed time at home before the stressful week next week. So I did a little shopping, but didn’t find anything clothes wise. I have to go on a little business trip next week and we have to go by the corporate office dress code, so of course I wanted to buy some new dress clothes! No such luck. Plus, we have to wear closed toed shoes and I don’t really want to wear heals because we’ll be doing a lot of walking. Ick! I like sandals better! I might have to do a little more shopping on Saturday. I did go to Sam’s Club and got the granola bars, sandwich thins, strawberries, and a pineapple.

Then I headed over to Wendy’s to pick up some lunch. I had planned on like a 3 point lunch, but since I got off work early I decided to get a Mandarin Chicken Salad. I ate it with the almonds and dressing for a total of 10 points. Then I had a Kellog’s FiberPlus bar (see yesterday’s post) for 1 point.

Eats 072

I decided to surprise my husband and mow the lawn. That took me exactly 50 minutes, non stop mowing. So I added the 4 AP’s.

I had the best of intentions for supper. Really, I did. I had the coupon for a free meal at KFC for the new grilled chicken. I was planning on the green beans and mashed potatoes for a supper within my points range. When we got to KFC there was a sign on the door to “Please get a rain check for your free meal coupons.” The line was so long and my husband doesn’t like KFC, so we decided if we weren’t going to get a free meal we might as well eat somewhere else.

So, we went to a local Mexican restaurant. I got a grilled chicken chimichanga which came with guacamole, refried beans and Spanish rice. I did have a few chips with salsa also. I estimated a total of 15.5 points.

To add to that, we wanted to try Sonic’s ice cream so I got a snickers sonic blast for 13 points.

Ok, not the best day!! But I still have weekly points left over, so I guess I’m still sticking to it! I felt miserable last night, another reminder of why I don’t want to eat like that.

Total Used: 52 (ouch!)

Allowed: 33

Weekly points left: 14

Activity: Mowed the lawn for 50 minutes straight with a push mower

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  1. oooohhh I wish we had those bars here...maybe soon. I love dark chocolate, I'd be in fiber danger!



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