Saturday, May 30, 2009


My husband and I picked up a handheld GPS last night, and it makes geocaching a little easier instead of trying to bring the Garmin for the car! We trekked out this morning on our bikes on the trail out in the country. It’s beautiful and very peaceful. Now there are wildflowers growing along the sides. But outside of town it’s all gravel, so it’s quite the workout but oh so fun!

The best part is….We went 6 miles!!! I got a lot of AP’s for that! We were out for 2 hours. We had to stop for a couple minutes here and there to find the caches, but wow am I worn out now!!

Here are some pictures:

GeoCache 002

Just a pole, right?  

GeoCache 001

This was stuck at the top of it in a hiding place.

GeoCache 003 

We had to hike down a bit to find this one! Do you see it hiding in there? We had to pull the rocks away to find it.

GeoCache 004

You can just barely see the forest green lid in this tree in the center.

GeoCache 005

That’s not a nail that you see, you can pop that out with a pen and it opens up and you log your name. This was on a sign.

GeoCache 006

This was stuck to the bottom of a big telephone pole, the black box is magnetic.

You just have to do it to see how much fun this is!! There were a couple that we couldn’t find, but we’ll have to go look again!

What a great way to get some activity in!!


  1. Sounds like so much fun.

    I love how you are exercising without noticing...Genius!!

  2. I'm so glad you are feeling better, and going 6 miles is FAR. Especially if you consider where you were last week. I'm so proud of you :)



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