Sunday, May 10, 2009


I didn't get a chance to get most of the pictures of what I ate on Saturday, so I'll just list them instead. But beware, I used more weekly points!!!


1 light English muffin w/ small amount of rhubarb jam
2 cups of milk

Points: 6.5


We went to another town for a furniture sale (no luck) but decided to have subway for lunch. I can never find a Subway with their chicken salad, and for some reason this one carries it. This is probably a good thing because it's not a town I ever go to! I LOVE Subway's chicken salad!

6" Chicken salad on Monterrey Cheddar with Provolone
Baked BBQ Lays

Points: I estimated 14, this may be more than it should be as they put like 2 TBS. of chicken salad on my sandwich.

For a snack I had a Fiber Plus bar for 1 point.

We took my MIL out for Mother's day. She chose this restaurant we had never been to. I am pretty proud of my choices, for the main entree anyway! I can never resist sweet potato fries!

Grilled Catfish and grilled Tilapia (which I only ate half of) w/ tartar sauce
Sweet potato fries
Salad bar items (Yes, I had some small amounts of pasta salad and a little of this Oreo dessert)

Points: 15.5

Later on I had a Schwann's sundae cone for 5 points... and later I had two dark chocolate squares for 2 points.

Definitely could have done better today, but I still haven't used all of my weekly points.

Total Used: 39
Weekly Points left: 8
Activity: I had the best of intentions by going outside first thing in the morning for a bike ride but it was just too cold and windy. So of course, I got too busy and I didn't get my workout in. I did some working in my flower beds, a lot of bending over, lifting, etc. I know that probably doesn't count!

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