Friday, May 8, 2009

Thursday 5-7-2009

5 a.m. came way too fast as usual! It’s so hard waking up that early!

Eats 057

For breakfast I had cinnamon Life with a little milk, 1/2 cup Naked Juice, and a banana for 7.5 points.

I headed to work and drank my usual cup of coffee with a minimal amount of milk and sweet and low.



For break I had a Light Yoplait Peach yogurt for 2 points.

Eats 058










At lunch time I had a slice of leftover pizza, salad with a little Light Italian and 1 cup of peaches for 7.5 points.Eats 059 





  Eats 060Eats 061

I got a little hungry by the time of my next break so I got some animal crackers from the vending machine for 4 points.

Eats 062

Eats 063 

When I got home I had 1/2 cup of fresh pineapple for .5 point.

Eats 064

For supper I had Boneless Terriyaki Chicken Wings from Schwans (I am in love with these!), green beans and cottage cheese for 8.5 pts.

 Eats 065

For dessert I had a slice of angel food cake with caramel drizzled on top for 2 pts.

Eats 066

Later on I had some Healthy Pop Jolly time for 1 pt and 2 pieces of Dove Milk Chocolate for 2 pts.Eats 068 Eats 067

Total Used: 35

Allowed: 33

Weekly points left: 33

Activity: none

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