Saturday, June 27, 2009

Help from Magazines

I subscribe to a few magazines because I often have a lot of downtime at work and need something to do! I also like to read them before bed. When I started dieting I subscribed to Weight Watcher's Magazine. I love this magazine, especially the success stories! They are so inspiring. I admit, I'm a little annoyed by the success stories for people that have lost 20 lbs. (Big deal, I've lost almost 30 and I've got over 100 to go!!) But in the long run, it's a good magazine. I am also subscribed to Health Magazine. This one seems to be geared to women a little older than me, but I find a lot of good tips in it. I like to get all of this information so that when I go grocery shopping I can see fruits/veggies, or whatever they had an article about and think, "I should buy these because they do THIS for me." I recently subscribed to Fitness Magazine. I think this is going to be my favorite. This is definitely the magazine for the people that are already fit and healthy. It gives great tips, workouts, etc. It makes me want to be one of those people!

One of the most important things I have learned on this journey so far is that information is the key! There is so much to learn about living a healthy, active lifestyle. If you don't have the information, how can you expect to know how to eat healthy? Maybe that sounds stupid, but I needed to learn how many fruits and veggies, dairy products, etc. that I should eat per day. It's great to read about what vitamins are in certain foods and what they do for you. This makes eating healthy foods seem all the more important. We've all heard the analogy that we would never just put junk into our cars. We fill them up with quality fuel so that they run at their best. We take the best care of them, by getting the oil changed, etc. So why wouldn't we put quality fuel into our own bodies? The more that you learn, the more informed you are to make better choices. So read up! :)

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  1. These days my favorite women's fitness magazine is Oxygen.



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