Saturday, June 13, 2009

How Long?

I feel like I'm running behind. At the beginning of this journey I set a goal to lose an average of 1 lb. per week. That worked for a long time and many times I was above goal. During the month of April I gained 1 lb. Not much losing going on there for 4 weeks! I have been struggling to meet this 30 lb goal since I met my 20 lb goal on February 25th. Wow, that's a long time!! Isn't 4 months WAY too long to be trying to lose 10 lbs? I should have lost 16 lbs. in that time frame to meet my 1 lb. a week goal. I've lost 8 lbs. according to my last weigh in.

I know weight loss slows down after the initial big losses you have at the beginning, but I don't think it should be slowing down this much. My average weight loss per week since starting back in October 2008 is .6 lb. I know I can increase this if I just try harder! The important thing for me is to not look at this as a diet or I will definitely fall off of the wagon. I cannot forbid myself foods or I will come to breaking point and eat too much of the forbidden food (i.e. Chocolate).

The cool thing is, I used to have this addiction to chocolate and if there was chocolate in the house, I would eat 10 pieces before I knew it. Now, I can have a bag of Dove Chocolate in the house and it will be there for a month. Amazing. There are little changes taking place that hopefully will make a big difference in the long run. Last week, my husband and I went through 4 lbs of strawberries, 7 peaches, 1 pineapple one bunch of bananas, and many veggies on top of that. Pretty good considering the fact that I had a hard time incorporating fruits and veggies into my diet at the beginning of this journey.

I want to lose faster and I know if I try harder, I will lose it faster! I need to work out more and eat less sweets. But more importantly, I made a promise to myself (to all of you and to my family) at the beginning of this journey that this time was THE TIME. I am going to lose the weight and keep it off. Does it really matter how long it takes me to get there? Probably not. Do I want to see results RIGHT NOW? Yes, I do. But what's most important is that I keep on walking (running, biking) on this journey, not only to thin, but most importantly, to HEALTH.


  1. amen sister! I've been struggling this week, too much beer and wine but I'm back this morning. The thing that you said that I agree with most is that you are making better you still make the occasional bad one..yes...but you think before you eat.

  2. Struggles are a pain in the rear end.
    They happen to the best of us!

    Keep trucking and remember you made it this far don't turn around.

    Sometimes when we get into a typical routine we tend to get off track. Keep things new and interesting and you will be rocking the scale!

  3. I am always feeling "behind" my goal. Always. When I put a time line on it, or some kind of cut off- or whatever. I don't follow it and get really down on myself. When I started with the bodybugg thing in April I started losing three pounds a week for six weeks! On my calendar I wrote out a three pound loss for the rest of the year; I was so excited that I left no room for error, plateaus, or anything human! I think that is why I fell hard and fast into a slump. I know that the more rigid I am with time, the more I find myself feeling bad.

    I hope you set moderate goals for yourself, but still keep in mind that you are a human being!



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