Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weigh In Day

I am thrilled to say that I stayed the same this week at 258.8. I had gained about 5 lbs. this weekend while at my parents house, so the fact that I worked hard and lost all of that weight made me very happy. I feel like I have been doing really great eating wise this week. The Lara bars are really helping as my snack in the afternoons to keep me from eating junk food. They really fill me up. The garden that we planted has been yielding some delicious leaf lettuce! I brought a salad to work with it one day this week. Yum! I bought some strawberries today, thinking they were 2 very large and good looking plants. When I got home and went to plant them, I realized that there were about 7 plants. So our garden consists of 3/4 strawberries and 1/4 other misc. stuff. Oops! I do love strawberries though!! I just downloaded the Beyonce album, so I’m looking forward to a work out this afternoon! I’m still not sure about the running thing. Is it good to do it even if you don’t enjoy running? I really enjoy walking…I’m still contemplating what would be best for me. I’m still 258 lbs! Do people that weigh 258 lbs run? Is that healthy? haha. So we’ll see how I feel. All I know is that I have never sweated so much in my life as I did when I was out planting the strawberries! It has been SOOOO hot here! Seems like every night we have thunderstorms with a tornado somewhere, thankfully none right here yet! Last year we were down in the basement every other day with a tornado warning. Yesterday I got off work early, as I did today, and went by myself to the pool. I decided to put all of my fears of being made fun of aside and just go relax. I’m really glad that I went. It felt great! I need to do that more often. I can’t wait until the day that I don’t have to worry about people making fun of me because of how fat I am. I want to be a normal woman!!

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  1. Congrats on the maintain! It's okay if you don't like running. Running definitely is harder the more you weigh, it is pretty stressful on the joints. Running is something I tried several times and stopped before I really got into it. So, you never know what the future holds!



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