Monday, June 22, 2009

Where do I start?

Don’t judge me, I’m just going to be honest. :)

First of all, I haven’t run since Wednesday, or even exercised for that matter. Today would be a good day to turn that around.

I’ve gained a lot of weight since weigh in again, but then again I did that last week too and lost at weigh in! So, I’m going to do my best and hope for the best! We went home this weekend for Father’s day, and that’s never really a good thing for me. I did make good choices, but I could have a done a little better. I cut up fruit for breakfast for my mom, dad and myself. That helped all of us. I really fear for my Dad because he can’t seem to get his eating habits under control. That’s another reason that I want to change my lifestyle and lose a lot of weight. My family all commented on how they can really tell that I’ve lose weight, that’s always nice to hear! My mom actually told me that she has made a conscious effort to watch what she’s eating today. It makes me feel good that maybe I could help my family too! It seems my Dad and I are a lot alike. They always tell him that he is the bill of health, but his weight isn’t what it should be. I know none of us want to lose him early, so maybe if I make a difference in my life, he’ll be inspired to make a difference in his!

I finally found Lara Bars also! I was excited about that because they were on clearance also! I did a search on their website to find who sold them and the place listed said she had never heard of them, but a GNC food store that wasn’t listed had them. Weird! They have Cherry Pie and Cashew Cookie. I got a whole box of Cherry Pie ones for $7 and 6 Cashew Cookie ones for .42 cents! I think that’s an excellent deal. I feel great about eating them because they are so healthy, but I question whether they’re worth it for the points? 4 points for the Cherry Pie and 5 Points for the Cashew Cookie. What do you think?

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  1. Yes. Absolutely. I love them because I get a little bit of everything when I eat one. Fiber, little bit of blood sugar, protein (incomplete but protein nonetheless), and fantastic fat from the various nuts. I eat the apple pie and peanut butter cookie ones- I have problems finding hunger for lunch so I usually eat one. I am a huge supporter of them because they are missing the 433 ingredients that some of the other "bars" have in them that I can't identify. I know what I am eating!!

    I vote: worth the points!!



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