Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So Hungry!

Today has gone well points wise, I have not gone over yet! Hopefully I don't go over at all. I hate it when I am sooo hungry the day before weigh in. I know that this is the night that counts as far as the substance of what I'm eating goes. I probably shouldn't eat popcorn tonight, although it's my all time favorite snack at night and I haven't had it for a while!

Here's what I've had today so far:

Corn Chex (w/milk), banana, orange juice.

3 small peaches

Salad with deli chicken breast, tomatoes, tortilla strips, and light french.
1 cup of cherries

handful of Reece's Pieces
1 Kolache from the farmer's market
1/2 Hershey's w/ Almonds bar

You see where I do go wrong? My sweet tooth is the culprit. Now that I look at my meals, I don't think I'm eating enough for breakfast and lunch. I'll need to work on that.

Ok, so I decided to stop at the Farmer's Market to see if the had any fruits or veggies that we don't get from the in law's or grow in our garden. They didn't really have anything different, but I did pick up a bag of sweet corn to bring to my brother's this weekend. Here's the problem, I live in a small town and there are 3 old people, each with their own table, selling things. So I feel bad when I just buy from one person. So what do I do? I spend $15. Corn, Kolaches, cookies, and jam. Just what I need! I'm sure it just makes their days to have sales. I promise I won't eat the Kolache's or all of the cookies. I'm not tempted by Kolaches for breakfast, but more as a snack like today and I can control that.

Tomorrow is weigh in day and you can see where my mind is... I need to stop thinking about food and stick with it!

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  1. Having some protein and some fat with your breakfast will go a long way to keeping you full for much later into the day. Maybe have some PB on the banana and skip the juice?

    Good luck with WI!



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