Thursday, July 23, 2009


I am so upset right now. I had applied for a new position at work. I have worked at this place for 3 years now and a few of us were the very first ones on the current team that I am working on. We are extremely experienced, knowledgeable, and very good at our jobs. One girl has even worked for the company 8 years.

Well here's the thing. The person that got the job has worked there ONE YEAR! Does she have a college degree or experience? Not at all. She is not nearly as qualified as a lot of us are. This is just so upsetting to me because I work my butt off every day and no one cares. I am officially looking for a new job. I just want to say SCREW YOU! I am sick and tired and being taken advantage of. I am not going to kiss anyone's butt so that I can get a job. I am going to work hard and earn it and if that's not how this company runs, then forget it.


  1. So sorry about the job situation. That doesn't seem fair at all!

  2. I feel your pain, it's different but the same at my job. I've worked there for 6 years but when it comes to promotions I'm still junior (others have about 5 years on me).
    Sometimes things like this make you wake up and look for something better, but be careful, talk to no one at work about your plans and don't look for jobs at work. It's the easiest way to make yourself a target...and we wouldn't want that :)



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