Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1st Day Back at School

This morning was so nice to be able to sleep in until 6:45. I was planning on sleeping until 7:00 but my internal alarm clock said I was ready to get up 15 minutes earlier. Fine with me! I love when I can wake up naturally.

This morning I ran on the treadmill and biked as a cool down. The hip seemed to be fine and it's actually not even sore right now. I do have an appointment tomorrow afternoon at the Chiropractor though.

My schedule is very weird for school. Today went well because I had the day off of work. I ate an 8:00 big breakfast. 1 egg w/ 2 egg whites, 1/2 cup broccoli, tomato, English muffin w/ PB, peach, and milk. I have class from 11-1:45 so I knew that lunch was out of the picture. It worked out really well and I was satisfied until after class and then I had some snacks of a banana, cheese stick, natural honey bunny grahams, and some pop chips. I counted all of the points and I still have a lot left. I could probably improve the snacks a little bit.

Here's the thing. Next week I will be back to work. So I will eat breakfast at 5 AM, work 7-10 with no breaks. Then head to school from 11-1:45. Where do I fit my meals in? I think what I'm going to do is bring things like cheese sticks, a bagel w/ PB or cream cheese, or fruit to eat in the car on the way to school. Then it will be like a mini meal to get me through school. I know I will be starving by the time I leave work though. Any ideas? I would really appreciate your suggestions. I can't stop anywhere as 1 hour is just enough time to drive to school and get into class. The food has to be easy to eat in the car.

I do have a NSV to share though! My campus is on a hill. So everywhere you walk is pretty much up and down hills. On my way to class, it's up hills and then up stairs. Last semester I would be practically all out of breath by the time I got to the building. This time, my heart rate was definitely raised, but I think I was walking faster than before and I definitely wasn't so out of breath!!! HOORAY for NSV's!!!


  1. Woot! That's an awesome victory Mae!

    I think those are solid food ideas. I've found grapes, baby carrots, and granola bars to be good driving food as well. Baby carrots might actually be at the top of my list for your situation, since I've found they keep you very full. It depends on what the driving's like and how comfortable you are eating while you drive.

  2. Wonderful plan! You have a very positive outlook and that is what counts. Just continue to think and make healthy choices everyday and it will payoff. All sounds well in the snack department. Make sure you have a bottle of water for your walk up the hill. I like to keep a variety of nuts and dried fruit on hand. Good luck with school and be proud of your plan.

  3. It's so great to have such a firm plan in place. That always helped me as I was on my journey to lose all my weight.

    I love that you can tell a difference in your fitness level. That's wonderful!

  4. Woohoo!! Way to go girl. NSVs are And I have to say that the secret to success is planning. And you sure are planning. Workouts and food? You can't fail. Good job.



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