Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another Disappointment

Today I was told that I will not get the new position that I applied for. The lady who told me said that I was her first pick but when she told the woman who makes the final decision she said, "No way, we need her on the team she's on." So I don't get the job because they like me to be unappreciated at my current position. I was upset and felt like she was telling me what I wanted to hear and not the truth so I e-mailed the woman who makes the final decision. She reconfirmed (in less butt kiss language) that I was needed on the account that I'm on. The funny thing is, I'm friends with the guy that they hired and he's on vacation right now. So when I texted him to ask what position he got (he applied for 2) he said that he hadn't had an interview yet. They told me that he was getting the job... they told me this BEFORE he had his interview. It's nice to know that I had a fair chance at this job. Why give me an interview if they knew who they wanted to hire already? I know I probably seem like a big cry baby. That was a really big slap in the face (AGAIN) and I went out to my car to bawl after they told me. Obviously, staying composed in front of everyone. I wouldn't let anyone know about that! Keep it a secret please! haha. I am a good employee, I work very hard, am dependable and have excellent scores at what I do. I've always been taught that hard work would get you somewhere. This company shows me that this quality is not valued. All that is valued is good butt kissing and this goes against my own morals and ethics.

What to do... I am making a decision to try to move on. School starts in a couple of weeks and this will allow me to be away from work more often. I'm drained. How is this affecting my diet? I'm trying my best. :) I've done very well today.


  1. I'm sorry you didn't get the job. That whole thing doesn't seem very fair to me. Keep being strong with your eating!

  2. perhaps it would do you some good to mention to your direct supervisor that you are feeling in a rut and the reason that you have been applying for new positions is that you don't want to get bored and frustrated in your position and you need new challenges...that way you sound ambitious and not whiney. Let them know that you are honored to be such a valuable part of their team but you need something new to keep you motivated.



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