Monday, August 24, 2009


Today was back to work again. On my commute to work I thought about how I would try to be more positive. I would try to be more patient with everyone around me and try to just go to work to work and forget all of the politics. The moment I sat at my desk and opened my email I was upset again. Time after time we are all treated unfairly and treated like we're nothing. I'm so tired of it. I was about ready to blow a gasket when they handed me a schedule with 10 hour days and working Saturdays when they specifically told me I would get a certain schedule without Saturdays. I called my hubby and said "this is it, if it's not a mistake I'm quitting." He said, "ok." Which surprised me! haha I don't think he likes to see me so stressed either. But turned out it was a mistake and all is fine on that front. Thanks for listening to me moving on!

I wish I could say that despite being stressed out and feeling sorry for myself that I ate flawlessly today. I ate cookies form the vending machine. OOO I know, not the best decision. It did nothing to make me feel better. Lesson learned. I came home and cooked mac and cheese out of the box, which is probably a yearly thing. We don't eat it much. I measured out portions, so in the end that was ok, but not the best! I can always do better.

Tomorrow is back to school for me! I've had one of my professors before so I'm sure that will be fine, but not sure about the other. I took tomorrow off, so it will be nice to sleep in and get home early. I'll have plenty of time for a morning workout tomorrow. This morning I rode the bike because I wasn't so sure about running with my hip hurting, but I think I'm going to run tomorrow regardless.

I am motivated as ever to continue. I may have slip ups along the way, but I know without a doubt I am going to be a healthy person overall. I just know it. I believe in myself.


  1. Believing in yourself is so important in this whole journey! Wonderful attitude.

  2. You know what? Making the decision to be more positive is winning half the battle! People, especially work crazies, can make it hard but you're thinking in the right direction. Slip ups are fine. It's all apart of the journey! Hope your class goes well! :)

  3. Bring some healthy snacks! Do not listen to the siren call of the vending machine cookies: they're out to get you!

    Enjoy your day off from work tomorrow and good luck at school!



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