Friday, August 28, 2009

My 2 Cents

As I have been reading the blogs of various other people trying to lose weight and the blogs of those who have been successful at losing weight I have been encouraged. The blogs are a source of inspiration for me. I see where others have been and where they are going or where they have gone. I love to see the metamorphosis.

Here's the thing that's been bothering me and while this is not true for the majority of the blogs I read, I have seen it enough times for it to give me a bitter taste.

When you get where you're going, please remember where you've come from. Making fun of fat people, showing pictures of morbidly obese people is just not a nice thing to do. None of us wants to be morbidly obese, but the people you're making fun of are just that- PEOPLE. Do you remember when people used to make fun of you and call you fat? Do you remember those feelings of shame? While you have every right to feel wonderful and proud of yourself, don't forget where you've come from. Don't forget the way you felt. The hopelessness and the hurt. The obese people that you see with their heads cut off for privacy on tv have probably struggled just like you and me. They may be struggling and just haven't gotten to that place where it just clicks. This really isn't just about laziness, but a psychological issue that has to be addressed before the weight comes off. Do you remember that struggle?

Don't forget where you came from and have empathy for others because you've been there too. This journey changes you but it can also make you wiser.


  1. I think the struggle with weight is one of the hardest because your struggle cannot be only internal. It is out there for all to see. I think people who do not remember the struggle and respect the struggle really haven't dealt totally with the emotional aspect of weightloss.....they may be thin but they are not healed. Just my opinion.

  2. Makes me curious where you've been reading.

    I agree with you. And to me, this loss IS a mental journey, actually moreso than "diet" or "exercise" and I think you've nailed it about becoming wiser. I agree with christinaleigh, too, they're not healed.

  3. I've personally not seen any of this on blogs - I think those who have won the struggle know more than anyone else how hard it is and what it takes to lose the weight...
    I do get frustrated when I see people making the same mistakes over and over, losing weight is something you decided to do - its not impossible..

  4. I'm also curious about where you've seen this. It's just terrible for people to do that, though, and I entirely agree with you. We're all in this, all battling the same demon.



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