Thursday, September 24, 2009

Heart Rate Monitors and Recommendations

I'm looking for suggestions on what brand to buy for a heart rate monitor? I don't want to spend a ton of money, but I also want to get one that is reliable.

I really want a Go Wear Fit or a Bodybugg, but I don't like the idea of having to pay a monthly fee after you purchase the product. I already pay $16 a month for WW online.

I'm looking for ways to spend my birthday money. :-P I'm not a big saver when it comes to my birthday money! I went to Walmart today and invested in 4 new sports bras and some new socks for running.

Does anyone have a juicer? Do you like it? Do you even use it enough to make it worthwhile?

I'd really like to get a home gym and my hubby's co-worker is looking to get rid of one, so that may be an option. I know I need to strength train as I don't do it at all. What recommendations do you have for strength training? What products could I buy to help me out? (Look at me trying to spend money! lol)

All recommendations will be greatly appreciated!!


  1. For what it's worth, the first 6 months of the program are included in the purchase. After that, it's $10 a month or $50 for 6 months. Personally, I'm predicting I'll be done in a year, so I just think of it as a $50 purchase 6 months down the line. My bodybugg has been absolute heaven thus far, and if you're considering it, I'd lean toward "go for it." It is pricey, though, so you and your hubby will have to decide if it's worth the cost for you.

    I sadly have no home gym, juicer, or heart rate monitor recommendations. Enjoy the new work out gear!

  2. Money, money, money--I'm so good at spending it!

    I want a heart rate monitor. The one I have my eye on is $100 and it is worn on the arm as opposed to wearing a chest strap and watch. It is supposedly accurate, and measures calories burned as well as heart rate. I just thought the chest straps would be uncomfy.

    Strength training: I stressed over that for months. I finally found the old FIRM videos and I'm in heaven. I've been picking htem up for $1-4 bucks plus shipping (VHS). They're hard. Hubby bought me weights, I have 3, 5, 8 and 12. I already had 2 pounders. Weights are expensive. Click on store, and the scroll down. She has put up 8-9 minute clips so you can see them. (Then buy them used--or new. lol)

    We looked at home gyms, but they're so big. We do have a bowflex that my husband loves. I don't. We also ave a punching bag. Plus I just ordered the mini-tramp.

    Good luck spending tha money!

  3. No heart rate monitor here but I do have a (waitforit) VITAMIX!
    they are so freakin pricey but so so very worth it and INDESTRUCTIBLE :)
    you shoul d see what I have jammed in there...


  4. I researched and researched when I bought my heartrate monitor. I went with a Polar F6. If you aren't at a gym, a Polar F4 should work fine. You need one with a chest strap. And I wanted one that said calories burned.

    If I could go back, I would buy a garmin forerunner 305 with the chest strap HR monitor and the gps for running. When my polar quits working, this is what I will do.



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