Thursday, September 10, 2009

Holey Donuts...hmmm Holey no!

I signed up for a giveaway of Holey Donuts. Ever since then I've been receiving emails from the company about discounts on their donuts. Well, I got another email today and it had a link to a video on YouTube, about these donuts and cinnamon rolls.

Well, they looked so delicious. They're much lower in fat and calories than the traditionals. Wouldn't be so bad for a planned treat, right?

Well...they looked so delicious and reminded me of the donut I stuck in the freezer so I wouldn't eat it. Yep, I had a donut in my freezer when it should have been in the garbage.

You can probably guess what happened then. I put it in the microwave, just like you do with Holey Donuts, and devoured it. Not a good choice, but it was pretty good. I'm satisfied now and don't want to eat anything else. But that was a really bad choice and another indication that I don't know how to control my eating.

This is just a confession of a diet sin. Scale, please forgive me once again. :)


  1. Those holey donuts are everywhere! I keep thinking about ordering them, but I am afraid their siren song would be too strong in the freezer to only eat 1.

  2. I get so many emails from them!!!
    I have thought about ordering them, but I'm scared I'll want to eat too many.

  3. Here's to not being on that mailing list. I'm not even going to click those links lest I get tempted.

    Sometimes a donut is just a donut. Was it a mistake? Sure. Just don't make a habit of it and it'll be fine.

  4. Dude, you are funny. Why did you put a donut in the freezer? I would have fed it to the dogs (yup, I would make someone else fatter) and that would have made me feel better. I may need therapy. At least you are satisfied. Did you ever get your Holey donuts?

  5. They really are all over the internet these days. I've never tried them before and after reading this, I might be better off not too!



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