Friday, September 4, 2009

Same Old Doctor Story

Thursday morning I had my yearly appointment at the doctor. I saw a different doctor at the same clinic because the one I saw last year wasn't able to see me on any days I was off of work. Not a big deal for me and I liked this doctor, too.

According to the scale, I had lost 33 lbs. since last year. They had me at 287 last year (I started dieting at 288) and I weighed 254 (with all of my clothes on). She just commented, I see that you've lost some weight, and that was about it about my weight. Which is fine, I get tired of them telling me to lose it anyways! :-P

But then she addressed my BP again. It was 138/78 this year and 138/80 last year, so about the same. Last year she told me to go back to my doctor about the BP, so I did, and she changed my meds around. I get so tired of going back to my BP doctor because she tells me that it's just fine. I have had 3 other doctor's tell me that it's not "Just fine." No matter what she changes my BP meds to, I still get right around the same readings, like above. She said that I definitely wouldn't want to get pregnant right now with this BP. I don't think it's severely high? but they act like it is. She said they're willing to prescribe me birth control pills, but I need to get the BP meds figured out. So she looked into my file and told me the other doctor didn't do very much blood work on me, like I had thought she had done. So she ordered that I have blood work done to check my kidneys. She wanted me to have my sugar checked, but I had eaten a little bit of breakfast that morning, and you had to have fasted to take that test. So I don't know when I'll hear about those results, probably next week, but I'm sure that it will come out just fine.

It's a little disheartening not to see any changes w/ the BP. I was hoping with working out so regularly now and eating right, that it would have maybe gone down. I guess I'm still overweight and need to get more weight off so maybe eventually it will go down. Just feels like the same old story everytime I go to the doctor and I'm tired of hearing it!


  1. That is weird about requiring you to get your BP straightened out for birth control pills? They make low dose kinds now that don't blast blood pressure, and if they are so concerned with you getting prego they should have you on them anyway. 138/80 is NOT even prehypertention, just borderline?? What is going on there? I think your Doctor is fucked up. Kick them in the shins.

  2. Your BP doesn't seem that high to me--but I'm not a doctor.

    Give it time--it will get better.

    I am frustrated with my triglycerides. They haven't gone down yet. I just keep thinking...give it time.

  3. Not the same old story! You're down 33 pounds and that's huge. That's more than a 10% reduction in your body weight and that will take you a long way to being healthy. The BP may just be a little stubborn, but keep at it and hopefully it will come down with the pounds. Be encouraged! :)



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