Sunday, September 20, 2009


I had a great Saturday! My Mom and I did a little shopping. We're both a little broke right now, so we went to Good Will instead of our usual places. The Good Will here is amazing. I can always find brand new clothes because a lot of area stores donate clothes to the store. So I got a brand new (with tags still attached!) shirt that is from J C Penny's. Get was size XL and fit PERFECT. Ok, I know the sizing must be skewed, but I was happy!! I also found an Old Navy size XXL shirt that was in brand new condition also that I fell in love with. It's a little snug in the hip area, but I can work it! Besides, I'm going to be getting smaller. This one was long sleeves also. Guess how much both shirts cost total? $3!! Turns out they were having 1/2 price day on all of the clothing. Score!

After that we headed to the Apple Orchard. This is a Fall tradition for my hubby and I. We enjoy going there. We actually don't buy apples, no matter how messed up that sounds, because we get them for free from my in law's from their trees. But we do treat ourselves to their donuts, that's the main reason anyone goes there...they're amazing apple cider donuts. I only ate one and felt content. We had a glass of apple cider also. We picked up a few other things at the store, including dried cranberries, apple cinnamon chips, and I won't mention the other things. lol But All with moderation! Everything is very expensive there and it's always PACKED with people. But we love to go.

From there we headed out to my niece's birthday party that was in WI at a RecPlex. I wish we had gyms like that here! They had a track that was on a balcony that ran around the top of the basketball area. They had an awesome swim area, ice skating rink, and I'm sure more but that's all I saw! It's right on a lake so they have triathlons there also. The party was short, but fun to see all the little girls dress up in their princess dresses for the princess party. :) Cute! I ate a very small piece of cake there.

On the way home, we stopped at Olive Garden. I had whole wheat linguine with Portabello mushroom marinara sauce (which I ate half of), salad, and 2 1/2 bread sticks. Went a little overboard on the bread sticks. But it was delicious. By the way, they have unlimited pasta bowls (no need to eat more than one) for only $8.95. Fabulous deal! On the way home we had an ice cream cone.

I totaled out 52 points, Oops! But I still have weekly points left over, so I'd say I'm still ok. Today should be a little easier eating wise.

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  1. ahhh, one day isn't gonna kill ya - just do a little jumprope and you'll be right on track



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