Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Damage

The results: Gained 1 lb. since Friday. I can live with that!

I'm not feeling well again. I have a sore throat, achey ears, head and just a general ache throughout my body. It seems to be coming and going, but it definitely wears me down and hinders workouts. I know a lot of stuff is going around, so I hope I don't get anything again! The H1N1 has made it's first case at my school...ick!


  1. Aww, Mae. I'm sorry to hear you're under the weather. I'm sorry about the pound, but you're taking the right attitude. Get well soon!

  2. I think the whole world is sick! I can't tell you how many friends have had all of these flu like symptoms and sore throats. Take care of yourself! As for your weight gain - I'll meet your pound and raise you another! :)

  3. I hope you're feeling better quickly! Take care.



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