Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend Review

This was not a good weekend for me, eating wise.

But it was a good weekend for me, exercise wise.

If I could just get the eating under control, then I'd be ok! I'm really afraid I'm going to have a gain this week. I'm actually pretty sure about that. But I'm going to give it my best and hope I didn't do too much damage.

I think all of the sweets for my birthday really threw me out of wack. I started to crave sweets again and then gave into the cravings, which made me crave other things. You get the picture.

I did make a WW Taco soup recipe tonight and it was DELICIOUS! I froze over half of it for a later date! I love this time of year where it's nice and cool. I start craving soups...and baked goods. That part isn't so good! ;)

I purchased a Polar Heart Rate Monitor watch off of eBay so I'm excited for that to arrive! :) I've really been making progress with my running. I'm still working on week 2, but I can feel myself improving. I think I've been on week 2 for almost 2 months now. Slowly but surely!

I'm trying to think of what I should do for my next goal. It'll be the 50 lbs. lost mark! Any ideas?


  1. Great post! I realized just this week that I had to set some food boundaries. These are foods that have no "nutritional value" at all so as of last weekend I decided never to eat them again. Yes, never! To my surprise I do not miss them at all. They include my favorties: sweet tea, chocolate chip muffins, cookies and ice cream. All my friends think I am crazy but for me to live a healthy life I must set these boundaries. Good luck with your running and stay strong.

  2. two words... spa day, I mean if you have lost 50 big ones, I say celebrate big time - make yourself feel all the more beautiful... it'll just add to your possitive spiral upward!

  3. I agree with Natalie - spa day! Or even a modified spa day - when I hit my next goal (0.8 lbs away!) I am treating myself to a mani-pedi.

  4. I think you should get a new outfit at 50# - one that fits really well! You deserve it.



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