Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Today was just as expected. I gained 1.6 lbs. this week. Hard to believe that I was about 4 lbs. less than where I was today, on Friday of last week! I'll get there again soon, so no worries!

I took off work at 11:00 today. So happy about that! Hubby and I have the rest of the week off through Monday. We're going to go on a little getaway starting tomorrow. So eating will be interesting, but since hubby is eating healthy too, that helps! By the way, he has lost about 11 lbs. He looks and feels great. So proud of him too! :)

I'm ready to get back on track today and I have. I picked up Subway on my way home and had that for lunch. I also met my goals for sales, etc. at work so I got a $50 WalMart giftcard. I splurged and bought some Oikos Greek yogurt w/ honey. It was good, sweet, satisfying, but I'm not sure I'm in love with it like so many are.

Time to get my reading done! That's why I left I better get busy!! I have a Dr. Appt. tomorrow, so we'll see what she says about my weight and how much I've lost since last year!


  1. I'm sorry about the bad weigh in. :(

    I bet your doctor is going to be impressed with all the weight you've lost. You've come so far from where you used to be!

    Congratulations on meeting your sales goals! Enjoy your vacation with your hubby! You totally deserve it.

  2. Your doctor will be so proud of you! Mine couldn't believe it when I went to see him after all my weight loss. He was so flustered he forgot to do part of the exam and the nurse had to call him back in!

    Sorry about the weigh-in, but you will lose it quick!

  3. Enjoy your day off and have fun.



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