Saturday, October 31, 2009

I did it!!

My cold is still hanging on and I'm developing a bit of a cough again, but this going without exercise thing is really killing me. I woke up yesterday morning 5 lbs. above my lowest weight. What a shock! The day went downhill from there on out. We had a potluck at work and everybody brought cake...then hubby and I had pizza and sundae's for 9:00 at night. Needless to say, I felt miserable, bloated and angry with myself. I woke up this morning before hubby, got out of bed and decided I have to make a change! I figured I could try a very moderate exercise, not running by any means, and see how I felt and if it made me cough and feel tight in the chest.

I chose to ride the bike for 30 minutes. I felt a little tight in the chest, but other than that...I feel great now!! I think I can handle that, so that's my goal for the week. Back up at 4:30 AM to workout for 30 minutes.

The awesome thing--- I GOT TO USE MY HEART RATE MONITOR!! LOVE IT! It is so awesome. I know that I could tend to slack off when I ride the recumbent bike, because the little dial on the bike says I'm working above the target, but it still felt easy. This heart rate monitor BEEPS to let me know when I'm not working hard enough, so that is such a motivator and keeps me going. I set it to the low intensity since I haven't worked out for over a month and I'm not 100% healthy yet. That was a target between 117-137. I could hit that, but I had to try. At one point I had to go 20 mph just to keep it up! So I'm really going to like this and I can't wait to try it out on a run.

Which brings up another point. I worked so hard to get up to running 1 1/2 minutes non stop. Do you think I'm going to lose that endurance next time I run?

So I'm going to make a list of the things I've learned since going out of control again:

1. Halloween is a bad holiday- note to self, never, ever buy chocolate for Halloween candy again- especially a few days in advance. I'm not tempted by fruity things like Skittles, should have stuck w/ those!
2. Work potlucks are never very good anyways- SKIP them and go to Subway for a healthy and different meal.
3. Being sick isn't fun, but eating bad foods isn't going to make me feel any better.
4. Have a healthy snack planned for after school.
5. Do not bake unhealthy foods- KEEP THEM OUT OF THE HOUSE!

I'm really concerned with myself. I see it as a necessity to be back on track COMPLETELY before thanksgiving. If I don't do that, with the start of the holidays I could really spiral out of control.

BTW, I was 2.8 lbs above my lowest this morning, so I guess some of the 5 lbs was water weight. :) But still...BACK ON TRACK!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Checking In

Today went better than yesterday did, that's for sure! I wrote down everything that I ate, except when I came home and put it onto WW.COM realized that I had gone over my points. Not a big deal because I have my weekly points, but just another reminder that I need to get back to planning out my meals BEFORE I eat them.

I struggled all day with staying away from foods I shouldn't touch. I had 1 cup of chocolate milk, trying to get rid of a sweet craving, and ended up having a handful of Reese's pieces too. But that's the extent of the damage today. I feel like everything else I ate was at least healthy.

I am going to make it a point to be brutally honest with myself. If I eat something I shouldn't, I am going to post it on here. Maybe this will make me be more accountable.

I thought I was feeling better today but then I started coughing at work deep down. Now I have a sore throat, and tired and achy too. My hubby has the sore throat this time around too. :( I really hope I'm not catching something else again!!

Weigh In Day- Turn It Around Day

Weigh in day was not so pretty! I gained 3.4 lbs. I am positive and realize that today is the day that I am getting back on track. Yesterday was a little bit of a wake up call with indulgence in Halloween candy. I do not want to gain all of this weight back that I've worked so hard to lose!!

So far this morning I had:

1 cup oatmeal
1 cup 1% milk
1/2 cup peaches

I'm going to start writing down everything I eat, as I eat it. I usually just wait until I can come home and put it on WW.COM. I might even go get myself a cute little notebook for some added inspiration. We all know how fun those are. :-P

I must have RESOLVE today!!! I'll try to update when I get home from work to let you know how I've done...if I have time!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Where to Begin...

I feel like I am out of control. This morning I was a little higher on the scale than I have been, which is a good indication that I need to get back on track! I think I am eating to try to make myself feel better, and we all know that doing that does nothing for you but make you feel bloated and depressed.

I was finally starting to feel better from the asthma episode, and now I've caught a cold. So I'm on week 4 of not feeling well. I'm getting a little frustrated, but am trying to be patient and feel like this HAS to be the end of it. As soon as this cold is over, I should be good.

I stayed home sick from work today to give my body some time to rest and rejuvenate. I feel like that's the best thing you can do when you're sick and I always try to push myself to go to work and school when I'm sick. I have a midterm tomorrow, so I'll have to go back tomorrow. I feel rested but tired and worn out at the same time. I'm sure it was the best thing to do today.

I have a new heart rate monitor that I bought myself a month ago w/ my birthday money that I haven't even tried out yet! I can't wait! I really don't want to gain weight back! Weight loss has certainly been at a standstill since I started not feeling well. That's not a good place to be. I'm not tracking my points and getting zero exercise.

I think I need to begin by tracking everything I eat. Even if I go over my points, I have to start somewhere!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Weigh In Day

I lost 1.8 lbs this week, putting me back at 40 lbs. lost. I have 1 lb to go to get back to my lowest! :)

I still haven't been tracking my points and I really need to start doing that. I'm watching what I eat though.

Finally starting to feel better, the steroids must have started to kick in! I'm hoping that by next week I'll be back at 100% so I can get back into my exercising and get this weight off!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Weigh in Day- A little late!

I weighed in at 249.8 yesterday. That's a .6 gain for the week. I can deal.

I'm still not feeling well. I've had a cough for 2 weeks now. The doctor finally put me on some prednisone, so I'm hoping that will help!

Still haven't been able to exercise. I have not been counting my points, just watching what I eat. While I haven't lost much weight, at least I'm not gaining.

I can't wait to feel better so I can get back into this whole heartedly. I don't feel like I have anything to post about because I haven't been exercising or anything else really...

Looking forward to the weekend! Hope you all have a great one!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Over the Top Award

Thanks so much to Jo and Marcelle for giving me the Over the Top Blog award. How very sweet of you both! :)


The rules of this award are:
Copy these 35 questions and change the answers to suit you then pass it on. Once you have filled it out, be sure to pass it on to 6 of your favorite bloggers and alert them that they have been awarded! I have also seen this where you are supposed to use one word to answer, so I'll take a stab at one word.

1. Where is your cell phone? ottoman
2. Your hair? Dark.
3. Your mother? Cheerful
4. Your father? Smart
5. Your favorite food? Chocolate
6. Your dream last night? None
7. Your favorite drink? Iced Tea
8. Your dream/goal? Running
9. What room are you in? living
10. Your hobby? Geocaching
11. Your fear? Loneliness
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? thin
13. Where were you last night? in-law’s
14. Something that you aren’t? loud
15. Muffins? blueberry
16. Wish list item? BMW
17. Where did you grow up? Illinois
18. Last thing you did? school
19. What are you wearing? fleece
20. Your TV? ?
21. Your pets? Cats
22. Friends? Close
23. Your life? Wonderful
24. Your mood? tired
25. Missing someone? hubby
26. Vehicle? Stratus RT
27. Something you’re not wearing? shoes
28. Your favorite store? Old Navy
29. Your favorite color? pink
30. When was the last time you laughed? earlier
31. Last time you cried? sick 
32. Your best friend? husband
33. One place that I go to over and over? Home
34. One person who emails me regularly? Mom
35. Favorite place to eat? Texas Roadhouse

I’m not going to nominate anyone at this time, but I think you are all wonderful! :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Weigh In Day

Today I weighed in at 249.2. That's a 2.4 loss from last week. Not too bad considering I haven't been tracking my points, but I haven't been eating all that much either. So I'm happy with the loss! That makes a 4.8 loss over the month of September, and that's over schedule! :)

I am still not feeling well. I went to the doctor yesterday and he told me that it must be asthma. So he gave me more inhalers and told me to call him if I don't feel well in a couple of days. I'm not wheezing or anything, never have really done that, but I had asthma as a child. I am coughing like crazy though. No head cold or fever and everything is clear. TMI, I know! haha I just wish it would go away because I feel like I can't breathe and I'm choking half the time. I get out of breath from talking. Needless to say, I haven't exercised in a long time now.

Sorry I haven't been keeping up on posting on your blogs frequently! I promise I'll be back! :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009


I've been thinking I would just stay off of here for a while and not post but the more I think about it, doing that is going to lead me farther away from my goals.

So here I am. I am not back down to 247, but I am not up to my last weigh in either.

I am officially sick now. I have been all week. I've done lots of sleeping and hoping this gets better before I have to make a visit to the doctor. I have the same thing I had in March. It's a cough and chest cold, but no stuffy nose. I have a hard time breathing.

So, exercise has been put on hold. I don't want to cause anymore problems. I have found myself wanting to eat those comfort foods that people on diets shouldn't be eating. And yes, I have given in and eaten them too.

I really need to get groceries and get some healthy foods in the house. So today, that's what I'm going to do. We're also going to the in law's to make Apple cider. They have this hand crank machine that you stick the apples in and out comes the apple juice. :) Yum! They have quite a few apple trees, so hopefully we'll get some apples this year too.

So that's what's going on with me lately. I'm feeling pretty discouraged but it's my own fault. I got my heart rate monitor in the mail yesterday and can't wait to use it when I feel better. Why do I feel guilty for not exercising when I know that I shouldn't do it? I've had colds like this turn into pneumonia before because of exercising when I was sick and I don't want that to happen again!

I guess I'll just have to wait it out!


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