Saturday, October 31, 2009

I did it!!

My cold is still hanging on and I'm developing a bit of a cough again, but this going without exercise thing is really killing me. I woke up yesterday morning 5 lbs. above my lowest weight. What a shock! The day went downhill from there on out. We had a potluck at work and everybody brought cake...then hubby and I had pizza and sundae's for 9:00 at night. Needless to say, I felt miserable, bloated and angry with myself. I woke up this morning before hubby, got out of bed and decided I have to make a change! I figured I could try a very moderate exercise, not running by any means, and see how I felt and if it made me cough and feel tight in the chest.

I chose to ride the bike for 30 minutes. I felt a little tight in the chest, but other than that...I feel great now!! I think I can handle that, so that's my goal for the week. Back up at 4:30 AM to workout for 30 minutes.

The awesome thing--- I GOT TO USE MY HEART RATE MONITOR!! LOVE IT! It is so awesome. I know that I could tend to slack off when I ride the recumbent bike, because the little dial on the bike says I'm working above the target, but it still felt easy. This heart rate monitor BEEPS to let me know when I'm not working hard enough, so that is such a motivator and keeps me going. I set it to the low intensity since I haven't worked out for over a month and I'm not 100% healthy yet. That was a target between 117-137. I could hit that, but I had to try. At one point I had to go 20 mph just to keep it up! So I'm really going to like this and I can't wait to try it out on a run.

Which brings up another point. I worked so hard to get up to running 1 1/2 minutes non stop. Do you think I'm going to lose that endurance next time I run?

So I'm going to make a list of the things I've learned since going out of control again:

1. Halloween is a bad holiday- note to self, never, ever buy chocolate for Halloween candy again- especially a few days in advance. I'm not tempted by fruity things like Skittles, should have stuck w/ those!
2. Work potlucks are never very good anyways- SKIP them and go to Subway for a healthy and different meal.
3. Being sick isn't fun, but eating bad foods isn't going to make me feel any better.
4. Have a healthy snack planned for after school.
5. Do not bake unhealthy foods- KEEP THEM OUT OF THE HOUSE!

I'm really concerned with myself. I see it as a necessity to be back on track COMPLETELY before thanksgiving. If I don't do that, with the start of the holidays I could really spiral out of control.

BTW, I was 2.8 lbs above my lowest this morning, so I guess some of the 5 lbs was water weight. :) But still...BACK ON TRACK!!!


  1. I bought candy today on Halloweens as I know I will also eat if in the house..I want to have some for the kids that arrive at my door later this evening.Told hubby if they not all gone this evening I'm throwing them away!!!!

    I always workout with my heart rate monitor and lately its been giving me trouble...going off which frustrates me so much as its only about 5 months old..and was not cheap.
    I don't think you will have lost your fitness with running...sometimes when you start again you feel so good...don't stay away too long.
    Great to see it was only water retention...I always weight more on a Monday after a weekend than I do on a Friday after a good week of eating correctly and working out.
    Enjoy your Halloween x

  2. You might want to set some food boundaries for the month of November. A food boundaries is a list of all the foods that make you say "why did I eat that?" and for me my list was pretty long. By setting this list you will know right away that those foods are not your buddy and you need to stay away from them. The next list you should make should be all the foods with nutritional value and those are the foods you should always eat. I have blogged about this and had my friend start her list 4 weeks ago and she is doing very well. No more guilt and sadness. I realized that I can set boundaries with food the same way I set them with people. It's not hard at all. If you like you can check out a few of my post about how to set and maintain the list. Good luck!

  3. Congrats on getting back on track!



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