Thursday, October 15, 2009

Weigh in Day- A little late!

I weighed in at 249.8 yesterday. That's a .6 gain for the week. I can deal.

I'm still not feeling well. I've had a cough for 2 weeks now. The doctor finally put me on some prednisone, so I'm hoping that will help!

Still haven't been able to exercise. I have not been counting my points, just watching what I eat. While I haven't lost much weight, at least I'm not gaining.

I can't wait to feel better so I can get back into this whole heartedly. I don't feel like I have anything to post about because I haven't been exercising or anything else really...

Looking forward to the weekend! Hope you all have a great one!


  1. Aww, Mae, I'm sorry to hear you're still sick. Get well soon!

  2. drink a ton of water!!! It has gotten me through so much (HEALTHWISE), and I'm getting so much better at it and I thinks it's helping with the weight loss



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