Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday Diary

I’m glad that it’s a new day today. Back to really strict tracking. My goal today is to stay within my daily points. If possible, I would like to get through the week without using my active points. Should I feel guilty for using weekly points? I thought that’s what they were for. I understand that I may not have a loss this week- but you have to live and enjoy your food- in moderation.

2 AM: Got up and quickly got dressed to head out to Old Navy that opened at 3 AM. When we got to the store, there was a line of probably 300+ people wrapping around the block. We got in line and waited. It was really a mad rush and not worth getting up to go. I did get a new sweater for $15, a $5 fleece, and a $3.50 water bottle that will fit in the holder in the treadmill. It had a cap so I won’t spill while drinking it. It was kind of a rush, but next year I’m sleeping in! I went for the zip up fleece but they were marked $10, which was a disappointment to me. But what can ya do. We went back home and went to bed until 8:00.

9 AM: Dad wanted to make pancakes for breakfast. I took down the calories/fat/fiber for everything we were eating and figured out what I could have. I ended up having 2 pancakes and instead of syrup (I always buy sugar free so it’s low in points- but they had regular) I had 1/2 cup fresh strawberries on top, it was good! I also has 1/4 cup scrambled eggs, 1 slice of bacon, and 1 cup of milk. It added up to 9 points. Higher than usual, but it was good.

2 PM: My hubby and I went out for a double date with my sister and brother in law. We went to BD’s mongolian Grill. My stir fry was 10 points. I added lots of veggies, but probably should have stuck with only chicken instead of adding some steak too. We also split a mini dessert, 4 points for that. More points than I thought it would be, but I still have 8 left for the day and I’m sure I won’t really eat too much for supper.

4 PM: My mom and I went shopping. Some of my clothing is getting a little too big. I bought 2 new skirts. When I began this journey I was starting to wear 26’s which was just killing me inside. I fit perfectly into size 22’s. Still depressing that I wear so large a size, but I’m getting better. BTW, I can wear size XL sweaters at Old Navy- and that makes me feel great! If only my hips would shrink!

7 PM: Everyone wanted my Dad to make his famous Tacoritos. I had actually picked up some smart pop popcorn and diet hot cocoa for supper. But what can ya do? They smelled and looked so good. I would say they’re about 5 points a piece. One NSV is I kept myself to one, but I also ate a few Doritos. I ate a few bits of dessert also. I honestly don’t know how to track this, but I did my best. I felt like a total failure after this. I told my Dad how I felt and he said, we’ll do much better tomorrow. My sister and family are leaving tomorrow. My parents are very supportive of me and my Dad helped me count points and everything as he was cooking.

I think I can pinpoint my eating too much at supper down to a comment my BIL made to me before going out for lunch. He jokes ALL the time and I know he was just kidding but I’m sensitive in areas of eating, etc. All places a fat girl would be sensitive. I had mentioned that the last time I went to BD’s I was kind of turned off by it, but I think that’s because I was trying things I’d never had before, like Calamari, etc. and I just didn’t really enjoy it because I had put too much of a variety in my bowl. My sister told him, well she needs to eat somewhere she can watch her points because she’s on WW. And he was like…Oooo, well if you’d learn to practice a little self control you’d probably be just fine. (Meaning if I didn’t put EVERYTHING in my bowl). That just hurt my feelings and I felt so deflated. No one can see the changes that I have made. No one can see the battles I fight (and WIN most of the time!) every time there is delicious food around that all of the skinny people can eat whatever they want of. So by supper time, I think I was just like…forget it. I know, terrible attitude and I’m ready to do better.

But that was all I ate for the day. I did go into my activity points because of my emotional eating, but I didn’t use all of them. To a better day today!


  1. It sounds like you had a pretty tough day. Try to remember that your BIL's insensitivity is the real negative here. If you can focus your energy on the success you have had-dropping a size, eating smaller portions-when someone makes a comment like that, let it roll right off. No one has the right to treat you that way. Have you tried coming up with a comeback when someone makes a comment like that? Put him in his place. I wonder if you had sarcastically said-"Oh, thanks for that advice, I would never have thought of it." I wonder how would have reacted.

    Sorry for such a long response. Rude people just get to me!

  2. Well, the BILs can be such tools sometimes! Today is a new day!

  3. Don't worry about eating all your points. WW would not give them to you if they thought you would gain weight from using them! They are there for a reason :)

    Yeay on the new size! Don't get discouraged, though - it is one size down at a time and pretty soon you'll be in the teens before you know it!

  4. Those 35 weekly points scare me as well...I cant imagine eating them and losing, but I must admit I'm going to keep them in mind on Xmas day as well...I also say if WW gives these points then we should be able to use them....
    Am sure BF didn't mean to upset you...they often think being honest is the best policy...but we dont need to hear that, we know where we going right or wrong...

  5. I think weightloss is something that if you've never tried it you will have no idea how hard it is. Food is everywhere, if it's not in real form it's in advertising. Sometimes when I tell people that I'm not going to eat something they have a hard time understanding why...they want to eat it you should too...that's why I try not to tell everyone about my WW journey unless I know them really well.



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