Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Day on Track

Yesterday was a fantastic day for staying on track! I actually had 4.5 points left over. Which, I know, shouldn't be done regularly and I need to use up all of my points everyday. But still, that's amazing for me!

I actually got hungry at work around 1:15 again. I found out that we have cappuccino's in our machine for 60 cents. So I got one of those and it was delicious, for 2 points. Then I got some animal crackers out of the machine that are low in calories, for 2 points. So I felt like that was a much better choice than 2 huge cookies! I felt more satisfied too, so I may have to start making that my snack. It seems like a warm drink takes away the urge to eat.

How do you deal with hunger?


  1. quaker rice cake
    i swear by them

  2. I eat real food, whole food. Not processed stuff, you know? Right now I'm eating popcorn I popped myself on the stove - way better than anything out of a bag!

  3. I deal with hunger by packing my lunches every day and I also include snacks. I buy some of the WW snacks. Fruit, yogurt, 100 calorie snacks, baby carrots, and Fiber One bars are some of the snacks I pack every day. I take them with me to work with a bottle of water and a Crystal Light packet. It is satisfying knowing I have options when I am at work and need a little snack to tide me over until my next meal. Use those little snack size ziploc bags and prep them ahead of time so you can just grab and go!

  4. I second your warm drink! When I was losing weight my go-to "tide me over" was hot tea and a hard candy. The two seemed to really help me with getting past the "is it hunger or habit" time. Then I could make a good choice just like you did!

  5. Happy to hear that you got back on track. Snacking is a great way to take the hunger pains away. I allow myself to only snack after workouts because my body need it. I like to snack on multigrain bread from our local bakery, cheese sticks, fruit, grilled chicken strips or turkey meatballs.

    Stay strong for yourself. Thank for stopping by me blog I appreciate all your comments.



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