Thursday, November 19, 2009

Don't Take Me for a Fool

Where do I begin?

I got to school today and noticed that my car was smoking. So lifted the hood just to make sure I didn't have a fire under there. lol There was green stuff all over. So I called the hubby and he said to take it in just to have them look at it because it sounded like anti-freeze.

So I took the car in and it took them an hour to tell me that the radiator was "broken" and I'd have to replace it for $500. So I called my hubby and made him talk to the guy. My hubby told them to show me how to fill the coolant and go home and watch the temp. gauge. So they come back out 10 minutes later and take me to the car and show me this crack. Which is fine...if it's broken, fix it, but these mechanics tend to over charge. But what really got me was this...

They honestly said, "You'll be driving on the interstate on your way home and you're probably going to have to stop at least 4 times on that busy road. Each time you stop you're going to have to wait for a REALLY LONG TIME for it to cool down. Then you're going to come over here and this knob is going to be SO HOT. I wouldn't even look at it when you turn the cap off because it'll blow up and burn your face. I just really think you should replace this..." and so on. All the while in this tone trying to increase my anxiety. They already heard what my hubby said, "go home." So I said, "Well I guess that's just something I'll have to deal with." So they took another 15 minutes to shut my hood on the car and drive it around and charged me $105 to look at it and fill it once.

I drove home without having to stop once. It never even over heated. So guess what mechanics, I could see right through you! I could tell exactly what they were trying to do.

This stressed me out a bit, on top of the fact that I was just informed I have to make a 10 minute presentation on the first day back to class after Thanksgiving. I HATE talking in front of people. I'll deal. I wanted to go to the cupboard so bad and eat eat eat. But I didn't. I even wanted to order a pizza, but I didn't. :)


  1. Yuck - that is so sketchy! Glad you didn't fall for it

  2. Good for you! I am so glad you didn't go the kitchen when you got stressed. That is something I would have probably wanted to do too. You have a smart hubby!

  3. That's it girl, you stood up for what you knew was right...way you go...



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