Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's Not the Diet

Over the past few days I've come to the realization that it's not the diet that's wrong- It's ME! I did really well counting my calories on until the weekend, then I went over a few calories, which on weight watchers would be ok as long as I'm within my weekly points, but I didn't know how this factored in to and it just screwed me all up.

Marcelle got me thinking when she commented on my post that people who switch around to different diets don't lose much weight. So I've come to the conclusion that since WW's has obviously worked for me, I've lost 40 lbs, when I'm dedicated to it. There isn't a diet in the world that is going to work if I'm not dedicated to it.

So I decided instead of continuing to spiral out of control, it's back to WW TODAY! I know I said I would be doing through today, but I feel like I need a little extra help than I'm getting from that website. Besides, I'm all equipped for the WW plan with all of my point books and cookbooks. :)


  1. you are doing the right thing...sticking to a formula that has worked for you and it's worked for me so a firm believer.
    I don't use my training bonus points or the weekly ones - If I'm going out over the weekend I will cut back on my points daily and then train the day I'm going out for dinner and use those training bonus points only!!!

    I'm thrilled you've come to this and cant wait to hear how it goes from here for you.
    All the best....x

  2. It must be in the air. Today i started doing ww points again and stopped counting calories as it was driving me nuts!!

  3. Great choice! I know you are going to do fantastic! You have lots of support here.

  4. For me the trick was to come up with my own diet plan. I research the benefits of eating healthy and what foods are best for me to eat. I research different exercise programs and found that to reduce fat you must do cardio and weight lifting. I researched reasons for binging and corrected that behavior. I also interviewed skinny people to find out how they maintained their weight. Once I finished my own research I made a plan that worked for me only and I have stuck with it for over 4 months. I decided that I would stick with this plan for 6 months and changed it when I needed to. For me making my own health plan has worked and it means something to me in the end.

    Since July of this year I have lost 25 pounds and 14% body fat. I have gone from a size 22 to 16 1/2 :-). Yes, this was my plan and it worked. I had to realize it was time to change, it was time to set food boundaries, and it was time to get off the cough.

    You should try it! Good luck!

  5. I think it's great because it's been working for you. I know that it's hard to keep it fresh but you tried it and it's not right so instead of being frustrated and going to cold stone you're starting something else. Makes sense to me :)



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