Friday, November 20, 2009


I have been feeling smaller lately. I think taking my measurements made me realize that I really am losing inches. My stomach feels smaller in particular. I think when I lose this next 10 lbs I'll really see a difference. I can just feel it.

When I took my measurements I noticed that my hips haven't really changed at all. My hips are my problem spot. I get smaller on top, but not my hips! We're talking a few sizes different. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to shrink your hips?

I'm really excited that it's the weekend! Although, I'll spend tomorrow cleaning the house and preparing for my 10 minute presentation after break...which has me worried sick. I wish I could just forget about it. I need to tell myself that it's really not that big of a deal. I could get in front of the class, make a fool of myself (which I probably won't anyways), and LIVE THROUGH IT. Why do I worry so much? I need to have self-confidence and believe in myself. I can do this, and I can do it well. But I also don't have to expect perfection. I'll get up there, do my thing and sit down. What's the worst that could happen?


  1. You'll be fine for the presentation! Just relax and enjoy it.

    Unfortunately, there are some areas that will shrink slower than others. I am larger in my lower half, and that has been the last to go through this whole process. Do good walking and strength training for the lower body to build the muscle, which will be more compact.

  2. Not the worst, but the best! The best thing that can happen is you get up there and nail that presentation! Just remember that everyone else is just as nervous as you are. If you just know that, you can get up there and be on a totally equal playing field as everone else. You are going to do great!

    Here's to smaller sizes!! Hooray! I am not sure about the hips. Perhaps squats?

  3. I found sitting on my stationary bike was good for my hips area....of course running is good for all over but as you know there is nothing one can do for stop reduction...over time the body will release the weight but also try remember genetics play a big part as well...I would keeping working on just need time.



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