Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saturday Diary

7 AM: I got a good night’s sleep last night. I’m still feeling a little bit disappointed in myself for my eating last night. But that is DONE with now and I MUST move on and LEARN from it. I cannot dwell on what cannot be changed now.

8:30 AM: I’m proud of myself with my breakfast choice. I found an unopened package of oatmeal in the cupboard. I had 1 cup of oatmeal with a banana mixed in. I also had 1 cup of milk. My family didn’t realize that you could microwave quick oats. So I told them how I mix in fresh fruits, etc. I feel so much better when I make healthy choices. My Mom left to go back to IA to be with my grandma in the hospital- so sad to see her go!

11:30 AM: We had leftovers for lunch. I had a whole wheat roll w/ a little bit of turkey on it. I had 1/4 cup broccoli rice casserole, 1/2 cup squash, 1/2 cup low fat/ sugar free orange salad, 1/2 deviled egg, and a pumpkin cookie. This added up to 9 points. I drank 2 cups of water with the meal. I really wanted stuffing and cheesy potatoes, but I knew I had to stick with what I had on my plate. Can’t have it all for every meal. I’m happy with how I feel. I didn’t over eat.

12-2:30 PM: My husband and I did a little shopping. Had a lot of fun! It was fun to be just the two of us for a while. Got a $150 knife set for my parents for $49.99, so that was a good deal and they really need one. Also got a non-stick cooking dish for $14.95. It’s really pretty. We have Circulon pans with the nonstick surface and didn’t know they made baking dishes that way too! I’m anxious to try it out. We also stopped at a grocery store here with TONS of produce. I wish we had this store at home. I stocked up on fruits and veggies and some yogurt for 99 cents. We also got some dark chocolate from Holland. I had 4 pieces for 2.5 points.

6 PM: I was really hungry by supper time so I just stayed away from the kitchen until it was time to eat. I had 1 slice of pepperoni pizza and a lettuce salad. For dessert I had a little bit of ice cream and a small rice krispy bar. This was 11 points total.

8 PM: We watched the movie up and I had a few cups of smart pop kettle corn for 2 points.

I went over my points by .5 points. I guess that’s not too bad. I’m really ready to be back home so I can make the decisions on exactly what we’re going to eat for meals. I’m ready to eat healthy foods again! Even though I’m eating the right portion sizes of foods, I’ve had heartburn and just feel bloated. I need to drink more water. I can’t believe the weekend is almost over already! But it’s been a good one.


  1. .5 is good going considering be proud of yourself Mae, I am struggling to keep to my points allowed over the weekends with this new WW system....but will get there am sure.

  2. Sounds like a great day! I gave you an award on my blog!

  3. Way to keep track! It seems like bloating comes with every holiday (or out of the ordinary event. I think water is the key, however it takes days to go away.

    Good for you for getting back on the horse! Healthy eating is hard to get back to sometimes.



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