Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Morning Update

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!

We had a family reunion on my husband's side yesterday afternoon. It was interesting and fun. He has such a huge family! They had it at an auction house so they auctioned off silly items to raise money for the next reunion. We did score a healthy Mexican cookbook for $3, so that will be fun to try out! Eating wise, it's hard to eat at things like that. Lots of pot luck type food. I just had a little bit of different things and feel that overall, I could have done better, but I only had one plate of food and such tiny servings, I'm sure I was ok.

We came home and then sat out in the porch for trick or treaters. Yes, I indulged in a few pieces of candy... But the good thing is that all of the bad stuff is gone! There's only a few whoppers left and they're 1/2 point each. We had lots of little kids who tried to grab the whole basket. lol But the worst was when I handed the candy to the kids and then the dad came up with his bag...SERIOUSLY? He said he had a little one at home...right. lol. But it was fun anyways!

I made a healthy chili for supper last night, lots of fiber with the beans. That was delicious! Today is another new day and I think it will be easier for me to eat right. We're going to visit my Grandma in the hospital, she had open heart surgery and is having a hard time recovering. We're hoping for the best!!

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  1. Will keep your grandma in my thoughts and prayers.

    The family reunion sounds like fun. My dad's family reunions did auctions like that. They haven't had one in a couple years, though.

    OMGosh, whoppers...I easily said no to the butterfingers and snickers, it's a good thing hubby didn't buy whoppers. I love those! Not too bad points wise, though!



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