Sunday, November 22, 2009

Unveiling the Project

I know it has been a long time since I first mentioned we were working on a project, but we are officially done…minus a few more items of decor I’m keeping my eye out for.

We remodeled/redecorated our living room. Believe me, it was much needed! Here are a few before shots:

LivingRoom 001

LivingRoom 002

LivingRoom 004

Yep, pretty hideous!

Now for the great remodel:

LivingRoom 004

LivingRoom 005

LivingRoom 006

LivingRoom 007

LivingRoom 009

LivingRoom 011

LivingRoom 012

LivingRoom 013

Pretty amazing difference, huh? It feels more like home now. We got some awesome deals on Craigslist, so believe it or not, our new furniture is not so new, but in excellent condition. I’m still contemplating what to do about the fireplace, as it’s not centered on the wall…any ideas?


  1. I'm totally blown away seeing the changes to your home, its really stylish now...well done you must enjoy your new space..
    I like, I like!!!

  2. ooooh! aaaaaah!

    Very pretty! You've done an excellent job!

  3. It's beautiful!

    The fireplace, is this original? The problem with the spot is your vent (obviously). If there is easy access to the vents in the basement, you could move it over with a little bit of work and swap it out with the fireplace. That wouldn't be too bad of a job.

  4. Great job, it looks beautiful!

  5. Wow, it's awesome! You did a great job with the remodel!!

  6. assuming you can just "move" the fireplace, why not try it under the painting and then flip the sofa out so it's in the center of the room facing the fireplace. This will avoid two things, one you will not be blocking the windows with side tables and two the furniture will be grounded and not all up against a wall. I obviously can't see if there's room but it's an idea

  7. ps I LOVE the beachy colors you worked in and the new carpet is FAB

  8. Looks like an electric fireplace? I thought the same as superbecca: try it under the painting with a sitting arrangement around it. Nice & cozy. Great job on the remodel. I love the blue with the chocolate brown trim. Is it an arts & crafts house?

  9. thanks 4 the post
    you are doing awesome as well
    have fun on black friday too

  10. Hi, first visit here. You did a great job on the room (I write an interior design blog too-I am a huge interior design enthusiast!) I really love the crown moulding. It adds so much to a room.



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