Friday, November 13, 2009

Update for Thursday

Thursday went well. I tend to be a lot hungrier when I get home from school on Tuesday and Thursdays because I have to eat lunch at 10:30. So by 3:00, I'm starved again and have a few hours until supper. I handled it very well yesterday and had only one snack. I know I should eat fruits or veggies for my snacks, but I'm getting plenty of them at meal times anyways. I had a Fiber One toaster pastry for 3 points. Those are delicious, by the way, with a lot of fiber! That seemed to satisfy me until supper time. I think it is important that I THINK about what I am going to eat for a snack and LIMIT myself to ONE snack after school. Many times that's where I fall short. I did go over my daily points by 3.5 yesterday as I made a healthy pizza for supper and ate 2 1/2 pieces instead of the 2 I had planned. Plus, I wanted a snack later on and had a 2 point package of fruit snacks. NO GUILT. I have to stay away from guilt if I am following the plan, otherwise I get too hard on myself which causes me to feel like I'm a failure and then I fail. So I still have plenty of weekly points left, and while I want to stay away from them- they are there for a purpose! Friday's can prove difficult sometimes as I think I'm just in a good mood because it's the weekend and sometimes I let myself eat whatever- which is not a good choice and I refuse to do that today.

Like I've mentioned before: I eat when I'm happy, I eat when I'm sad, I eat when I'm stressed, I eat when I'm bored. Do you think I'm an emotional eater at all? haha Something to work on!


  1. Hello Mae

    Good to read you tracking and keeping to your points allowed.
    I always try stick to mine daily, the weekend I allow myself to go over but never more than 4 a day...then Monday its back to the amount allowed, I never use my activity points and have about 10 daily.

    I like you eat whenever...never need an excuse.

  2. I'm an emotional eater too, and still am to this day, only now I control it better. I'm glad you are keeping on track and watching your points - that's so helpful on this journey.

    I hope your good mood spills right into the weekend!

  3. I'm like you - I want to eat all of the time! Happy, sad, tired - no emotion escapes my wanting to chow down. I am working really hard on listening to my body and making good choices. Not always easy, huh?

  4. I am an overeater. I also eat when I get bored. Laziness and boredom make for a bad combination in my house. Bad, bad, bad!



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