A Journey to Thin: Weigh In Day

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Weigh In Day

I weighed in at 249.8 this morning, exactly what I weighed last week. I'll take that, given the circumstances. At least I didn't gain.

I'm feeling back in my zone with WW. I know exactly what to expect.

Goals for the week:

2. Stay away from the sweets at work
3. Plan meals this weekend

If I stick to my points I KNOW that I will lose next week!


  1. I had many weeks I stayed the same, keep going this is not the time to get any negative thoughts...you will get the results next week...up your cardio, I promise doing cardio daily helps shed the weight.

  2. Staying the same isn't fun, but it's okay. Think of it as a little bitty practice for maintenance. Because maintaining is always better than gaining!!

    Good idea to track everything - that always helps!

  3. Sometimes staying the same is great. I'm hoping for a maintain this week!

  4. Maintaining is a win in my book!
    Hope you see a loss next week, though!


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