Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Workout and Worries

This morning's workout was a lighter one. I felt a little sore this morning so I decided not to run again. I rode the bike for 20 minutes, I burn about half the calories doing that than I burn when running. I may try to get in another bike ride later on today. I know that I should work out for longer periods of time and I'll get there. I don't want to make exercise dreadful!

After my run/walk yesterday I had a headache all day. Sometimes my ibuprofen would help and other times not. I had a headache up until the time I went to bed last night. But I'm feeling better today. This seems to happen a lot when I work out hard. Why is this? Is there something I can do to prevent it?

I love the way I feel when I work out in the morning. It makes me feel accomplished, and that's a great way to start out the day. I have more energy and feel more clear minded. I'm not so foggy when I get to work.

I'm worried for WI tomorrow. I gained a couple of pounds this morning. I made pasta last night and that always seems to do it to me. Hopefully I can get the weight off by tomorrow morning. I'll drink lots of water today (I've already had 4 cups and it's 5:45 am)! I've used all of my weeklys and even went into my AP's. Ugh. I guess I'm still following the plan but it may mean a smaller loss, or no loss at all.

Today I work from 7-10 and I don't have school since it's Thanksgiving break! Yay! So I have to run to the library, then I'll stop at Target to get more FREE TEA. Then I'll come home. I'm making Kolaches for Thanksgiving. It's a cultural thing for my husband so I thought we could contribute that to my family's feast. I'm also making a healthy orange salad. If I have time in there I will work out. I also need to keep working on my research and outline for my presentation. So that's about it! I'm really looking forward to my short day today. Plus, we're slowing down for the season at work, which means sometimes we get to go home early! :)

Have a great day! :)


  1. I also burn less when I cycle and guess what I burn more by walking for 5 mins and running for 5 mins, then after 30 mins walking for 5 and running for 10 than I do when I run for an hour solid.
    I heard if you want to lose weight you must not use your weekly points only your activity eating your weekly points you will maintain....find out when you go for your weight in...

  2. Right now I am just walking. Having been away from exercise over 15 years, I figured I better start there. Building up to a run will require some time, but I am looking foward to it!

  3. You definitely always want exercise to be something that you enjoy doing! Never make it a punishment.

    Don't sweat the weigh in. Weight loss is never linear, and there will be weeks that go up and weeks that will go down totally unexplained. As long as the bigger picture is downwards, you are doing fine.

  4. Don't worry about your weigh in, just look at the trending line. As long as you are moving down the line over time that's what matters the most.

    I do a lot of run/walk/run/walk and then even pick up the bike on the same day. I like to mix things up.

    Enjoy your cooking and your Thanksgiving!

  5. I go to a spin class twice a week and it burns calories big time. I will ride up to 20 miles in 1 hour.

    I get headaches when I workout outside because of the smog here in Southern California. Sinus is always the cause of it. You might want to see a doctor so he can pin point the cause. My friend was having headaches during her workout and the doctor told her it was her blood pressure. He gave her some tips to working out and her headaches went away.



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